Undergraduate Program


The undergraduate major in Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) focuses on the study of molecular structures and processes of cellular life and their roles in the function, reproduction, and development of living organisms. This covers a broad range of specialized disciplines, such as biochemistry, microbiology, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, cell physiology, cell anatomy, immunology, and neurobiology. The types of living organisms from which the departmental faculty draws its working materials are as diverse as its disciplinary specializations, ranging from viruses and microbes through plants, roundworms, annelids, arthropods, and mollusks, to fish, amphibia and mammals. 

There are five emphases to choose from: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Cell & Developmental Biology, Genetics, Genomics & Development, Immunology & Pathogenesis, and Neurobiology. Information about the emphases, including the lower-division and upper division requirements, can be found on the Major-At-Glance webpage
Career Paths
Students majoring in any of these emphases have been highly successful in entering graduate or medical school and in other science- and health-related careers.  For more information about what our students do with an MCB major, checkout our Career webpage.
UAO Staff advisors are available year-round to help students plan for the upcoming semesters. For more information about how the advisors can help you succeed, please visit the Advising Services webpage.


-Office Closed: There will be no MCB advising Wednesday, Nov 23, after 12n, and all day Thursday and Friday, Nov 24-25. Have a great Thanksgiving!

-Electives UpdatedFor students who declared or will be declaring Fall 16 and beyond, Public Health 142 and Stats 131A are now approved for students who haven't taken Math 10A/B, Stats 2, or 20 to fulfill an elective for BMB track 1, GGD tracks 1&2, CDB track 2 and Neuro students.

-CalCentral Appointments:  Please note that MCB Advising does NOT use the appointment system on CalCentral. You do not need to make an appointment to see either Clara or Katie, just come to 3060 VLSB during drop-in adivsing hours. 

Helpful Links

Just accepted to UC Berkeley? Congratulations! We recommend visiting our webpages for new freshmen and new transfer students for more information and frequently asked questions about the major. 

MAJOR DECLARATION: As of December 2, 2016, the declaration form is CLOSED for the fall semester. It will re-open on January 9, 2017, the week before the spring semester begins. Information about declaring the MCB major can be found on the Major Declaration webpage. Major declaration occurs in the fall or spring semesters only. 

FAQS: We've compiled a list of FAQs to answer some of the most common questions we're asked.

MCB HANDBOOK: 2015-2016 (updated 9/8/15)- Download it here.

MCB TRANSCRIPT: The latest edition of the MCB Transcript is out! Online version is live -- meet new faculty, learn how we're tracking and tweaking things in the brain, and catch up on all the latest Molecular and Cell Biology news.

MCB COMMENCEMENT 2017: The annual MCB Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 18, 2017, 9-11a in the Hearst Greek Theatre. Details about last year's ceremony can be found on the commencement webpage