Equity and Inclusion

Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity and Belonging

MCB Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging:

As a department, we are committed to increasing the representation of historically excluded groups among our students, scholars and staff. We believe that embracing a wide range of opinions and backgrounds is key to ensuring innovation and excellence in our science. To make this possible, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging through concrete actions to eliminate discrimination, address disparities, and to ensuring equitable opportunities for everyone within our academic community.” ~ MCB Equity Committee 


Look out for the upcoming iBio conference!


Community Outreach MCB students and faculty regularly participate in or host events designed to help strengthen and sustain a culture of inclusion and belonging. Some of those events include: 

  • STEM mentors–Be a scientist
    •  Tuesday, 8:52 am - 9:50 am (Spanish only) - need 2 more mentors
    •  Tuesday, 10:24 am - 11:12 am - needs 1 more mentor
    •  Tuesday, 11:16 am -12:04 pm - needs 1 more mentor
    •  Tuesday, 12:08 pm - 12:56 pm - needs 2 more mentors
    •  Tuesday, 2:26 - 3:14 pm (Spanish only) - needs 1 more mentor
  • Volunteer teaching program at San Quentin State Prison
  • Expanding Your Horizon (EYH) Conference 1-day volunteer (Saturday, March 9)
  • Bay Area Scientists Inspiring Students (BASIS)
    • 2024 Lisa Eshun Wilson Awardees: stay tuned!   

    Activities & Organizations Our MCB community members host or participate in many activities, programs, and organizations, serving current and prospective MCB community members. Here is a sampling list of these programs for students and postdocs. Additional information can be found in the Berkeley Supportal.

    Resources Below, you can find additional resources relevant to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) and higher education that may support you or someone you know. 

    DEIB Staff Office Hours Want to say hi, learn, ask questions, or share concerns and ideas about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the MCB? If so, we encourage you to attend DEIB Office Hours, hosted by MCB’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Program Manager, Aubrey Green. Sessions are available via Zoom or in person at request. Book an appointment here! If you need to schedule an appointment outside of the times available, contact Aubrey Green via email at aubreygreen@berkeley.edu.

    Hernan Garcia (Faculty Equity Advisor)

    Ellen Robey (Faculty)

    Gian Garriga (Faculty)

    Valeria King (Graduate student)

    David Weisblat (Faculty)

    Maria Torres Colon (Graduate student)

    Andrea M. Gomez (Faculty)

    Mora Ogando (Postdoc)

    Meng-meng Fu (Faculty)

    Timothy Eisen (Postdoc)

    Michael P. Rape (Faculty)

    Aubrey Green (DEIB Staff)

    James K. Nuñez (Faculty)

    Questions? Contact Us: mcb-diversity@berkeley.edu

    Equity Committee Task Force Teams: propose actions in specific areas to improve the MCB climate of DEIB. 

    Community Engagement: Support community retention, development, and belonging. 

    Communications: Develop and sustain best practices to keep people informed. 

    Admissions: Advise and support to strengthen an equitable admissions process. 

    Recruitment: Strategize and support diverse faculty and student recruitment efforts.

    Graduate Affairs Office Our graduate affairs office's mission is to provide excellent support to graduate students, faculty, and the University in its research, education, and public service mission. Visit their website or contact mcbgao@berkeley.edu with questions.

    Undergraduate Affairs Office Check out the resources for our undergraduates on our website or email mcbuao@berkeley.edu with questions.


    To submit additions or suggest edits to the lists above, please email - mcb-diversity@berkeley.edu