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Peer advisors are trained junior & senior MCB majors who volunteer their time to complement the UAO advising services by sharing their knowledge of and experience with lower division requirements and upper division classes, experience with student groups on campus, preparation for life beyond the B.A., and use of various campus resources.

PAWS 2019-2020 Applications now OPEN!

Please see description and application here.

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Office Location: 3060 VLSB
Email/Google Hangouts: (hangouts during business hours only)
Twitter: @MCBatCal
Instagram: mcbpaws
NEW ONLINE ADVISING HOURS: (will resume the first week of Spring Semester)
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PAWS Schedule Spring 2019

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10 - 11
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11 - 12
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12 - 1 Closed for Lunch
1 - 2
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2 - 3
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3-4 Mrugakshi No Peer Will Z No Peer Closed

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Emphasis: Neurobiology

Double Major: Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies
Minor: Ethnic Studies
Research: Dillin Lab
Activities: ACE Coaches Tutor in SF Chinatown; Undergraduate research; Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity; study coordinator for the Lactin-V project at UCSF; SURF Fellow; medical office assistant at Thousand Oaks; point-and-shoot film photography!
Post Graduate Plans: Take a year to work and then apply to med school
Current Schedule: MCB 160, ASAMST 172 ETHSTD 101A, HIST 100F
MCB Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, 104, NEU Elective Abroad!
Hello friends!  I’m Hannah and I’m currently a 4th year rounding out her MCB Neurobiology major.  I have always been interested in medicine, but after coming to Berkeley, I also found a passion for serving disadvantaged communities of color, especially the often overlooked Asian American community.  I spend my time split between my research project on mitochondrial stress and volunteering at the YMCA in San Francisco where I run a weekend classroom for kids from Chinatown’s SROs! I think finding a balance between study and passions is an important part of our college experiences, and I hope that in the future as a health care provider, I can integrate what I have learned from working in the Ethnic Studies Department with what I have learned from studying MCB here at Berkeley.  
Outside of school, I love exploring new parts of the Bay Area (I’m a SoCal girl at heart, though) and trying out new restaurants and coffee shops.  Deep down, I am an old soul and love some good 70s jams and film photography. Berkeley is a big place and I know it can feel scary, but if you ever need somebody to ask for advice, talk to about life, or just vent about school with, be sure to stop by and see me at the PAWS table!


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Emphasis: BMB-Track 1: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Education
Research: Thorner Lab (present), Plexxikon Inc. and Wang Lab (past)
Activities: DeCadence A Cappella, The Suitcase Clinic, MCB C100A Tutoring, MCBcDNA, SURF L&S Fellowship Program (Past: The Regents' Overnight Host Program)
Post-Graduate Plans:
2 gap years as a research assistant, then Graduate School
Current Schedule: MCB 110, MCB 135A, Math 54
Classes Completed: 
All lower division, MCB C100A, MCB 100B, MCB 140
Hi there! I'm Jessica, and I'm a fourth-year MCB major (BMB emphasis) and Education minor. Within MCB, I've entirely enjoyed pursuing the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology track - I've been able to dive into the beautiful specifics of biology and organic chemistry and have grown immensely in my knowledge and understanding of the world around me. Research has been an especially challenging and enjoyable experience for me, as I've found all of the information from my classes come together in a tangible and applicable way (and I get to make cells fluoresce, which I just find intrinsically beautiful in addition to the cool stuff it allows me to investigate). Outside of class and lab, I fill my time with singing for DeCadence, volunteering for Suitcase, checking up on the adorable posts in the Dogspotting and Catspotting groups on Facebook, and cross stitching. Please stop by to talk about anything: four-year plans, which upper divs to take, cats, your personal favorite blend of tea (jasmine green tea is the best IMO), or honestly anything else. I look forward to meeting you!


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Emphasis: IMM-Track 2: Infectious Disease
Research: Gronert Lab, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
Activities: Undergraduate Research, MCBcDNA, Health Advocates of Alameda County, Biology Scholars Program, Partners in Health, ASUC Disabled Students Initiative, Bio 1AL UGSI, CPMC Intern, Berkeley Engineers and Mentors
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap year and then Medical School
Current Schedule: MCB 150, MCB 136, NST 110
Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 15, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB c103

Hi everyone! My name is Kimberly and I am currently a fourth-year Immunology and Pathogenesis Track 2 major. My passions involve the intersection between science and technology, especially in the design of biomedical devices for advancements in surgery and patient care.
I have a strong commitment to service and non-profit work where I am interested in using medicine to promote health equity and policy reform. After graduation, I plan on taking a gap year before applying to medical school where I hope to build the foundations necessary to pursue a career in ophthalmology.
In my free time, I love playing golf, reading books, baking, and watching comedies. I am a food enthusiast and I am always looking for new restaurants to try out in my efforts to become Yelp Elite!
There are so many opportunities at Cal to build friendships with like-minded students, get more involved in student organizations, and strengthen academic interests. Navigating Berkeley can be tough and daunting at times, so please don’t hesitate to drop by and talk to me about anything. I look forward to meeting you!


Preferred Pronouns:  she/her/hers
Hometown: Loomis, CA
Emphasis and Track: GGD-Track 2: Developmental Genetics
Research: Patel Lab
Activities: UCSF Patient Support Corps, Patient Advocacy Student Group
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap year and Medical School
Current Schedule:  MCB 132, Psych 162, History 175B
Classes Completed: All lower division, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 141
Hey there! My name is Madelyn Frank and I am a fourth-year MCB: Developmental Genetics major. I loved Punnett squares from sophomore year of high school and could not be convinced to major in anything other than genetics! I am planning to pursue an MD after a gap year living in my hometown of Loomis, California.
I am currently working with the UCSF Patient Support Corps where I scribe for patients and help coach them for appointments with new doctors. I am also finishing up a research project with the Patel Lab focusing on structural blue color on butterfly wings. In my free time, I love to read, bake, listen to music too loudly, dance with my cat, and re-watch Parks and Rec.
The possibilities and opportunities at Cal can be equal parts exciting and terrifying! Stop by if you have questions, grievances, jokes, etc!


Preferred Pronouns: She/her/hers
Hometown: West Hills, CA
Emphasis: IMM-Track 2: Infectious Disease
Research: Dascena
Project RISHI, Health Advocates, Peer Health Exchange, Undergraduate Healthcare Alliance (Past: Kaiser Permanente volunteer, GBO Leader, AMWA)
Post-Graduate Plans: Medical school or Masters of Public Health
Current Schedule: Physics 8A, History 124A, IB 131/131L
MCB Classes completed: All lower division requirements except physics, MCB102, Psych 1, MCB 38, MCB 50

Hi everyone! My name is Mrugakshi and I am currently a junior majoring in MCB, with an emphasis in Immunology. I am extremely interested in how the doctor/patient relationship can be improved and how social, cultural, and economic factors play a role in determining the overall health of an individual. After all, health goes beyond the immune system.  After graduating, I hope to take 1-2 gap years before applying to medical school. Currently, I work for a biotech startup called Dascena and will soon begin volunteering as a Health Advocate. In my free time, I love to cook or go hiking. Spending a day in my pajamas watching shows is a guilty pressure and I think naps are the best thing ever invented. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please come by and have a chat! I'm genuinely interested in getting to know you personally and help you in way possible. I look forward to meeting you!


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Milpitas, CA
Emphasis: CDB - Track 2: Medical Biology and Physiology
Research: Barcellos Lab, Hurley Lab (past)
Kidney Disease Screening Awareness Program) (KDSAP), Berkeley Health Coaching, Alta Bates Surgery Daycare volunteer, intern at the Asian American Research Center of Health at UCSF, Bio 1A Lab Intern, Phi Chi Pre-Medical Fraternity 
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap year and then medical school
Current Schedule: 

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 135A, IB c143B
Hello! My name is Vi-Van and I am a fourth year majoring in MCB, CDB emphasis. I’ve always loved studying the human body and the natural world but struggled with focusing my interests and where to take my career until I came to college. My experience working at the Asian American Research Center of Health developed my interest in being able to provide equitable health care to all community members, which is one of the reasons I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine.
In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, baking and watching movies, the latter two often being done together. Figuring out your career, balancing classes, and adjusting to college life are all integral parts of student life and I’d love to chat if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to hang out, so don’t hesitate to drop by!

Will S

Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: La Crescenta, CA
Emphasis: CDB - Track 2: Medical Biology and Physiology
Minor: Bioengineering
Research: Abate Lab at UCSF, microfluidic devices
Activities: SLC Chem 1A Study Group Leader, Biology Scholars Program, Explorations in Bioprinting DeCal Co-Facilitator, Highland Hospital Volunteering, Certified Enrollment Counselor for the Berkeley Free Clinic, React!™ the Organic Chemistry Board Game, PEACE Tutoring, Laser Engraving Enthusiast
Post-Graduate Plans: MD/ Ph.D. or MD
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes completed: All lower division, MCB c100A, Chem 135, IB 131, MCB 271

Hello, my name is Will. I am a senior majoring in MCB with an emphasis in Cell and Developmental Biology. My long-term goal is to go to medical school, but in terms of postgraduate goals, I am contemplating going to a Masters program in engineering. One of the things I like to do in my spare time is going to Jacobs Hall and use their laser engravers to make cool keychains. Come visit me during my advising hours if you want to talk about scheduling, bioprinting, or even laser engraving.

Will Z

Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Emphasis: CDB-Track 2: Medical Biology and Physiology
Research: Rape Lab
Activities: Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP), Suitcase Clinic, Phi Chi, Chem 1A Teacher-Scholar
Post-Graduate plans: Gap year and then Medical School
Current Schedule: MCB 136, NST 110, Col Writ 10A, PH 150D
MCB courses taken: All lower division courses, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 135A

Hi there! I'm William, and I'm a 4th year majoring in MCB. I'm passionate about the intersectionality between healthcare and social inequality which has helped shape my goals to become a healthcare provider in the future. I'm heavily involved with KDSAP, an organization which aims to improve kidney health in underserved communities in the bay area. I'm also a member of Phi Chi, a pre-health fraternity, along with several other organizations that have helped shape my Berkeley experience that I'd love to share with you. After graduating, I plan on taking a gap year to apply to medical school. In my free time I love taking pictures, fashion, eating good Mexican food and listening to hip-hop and R&B. I'd love to chat with you about anything from schedule planning to extracurriculars to Kanye's music so come by and say hi!