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MCB 295 - Every spring, MCB students organize this seminar series, Careers for Life Sciences PhDs, in which they invite speakers from various non-academic careers to discuss their career paths and goals.  Their website includes a full schedule of speakers, as well as links to other career development resources specific to Ph.D. biologists.

QB3-Berkeley Graduate and Postdoc Career Development - The QB3-Berkeley Graduate and Postdoc Career Development office was launched in early fall 2018 to strengthen professional development support for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the biological sciences at Berkeley. Through online resources, workshops and speaker programs, as well as other initiatives, the office will help trainees explore career options that utilize their scientific training and develop the foundational skills required for effective career planning and transitions to post-graduate careers.   


Handshake - The Career Center's powerful recruiting platform for UC Berkeley students and alumni. Handshake uses cutting edge technology to help you more easily connect with employers and source jobs, internships, event information, and On-Campus Recruiting opportunities. 

Jobs in MCB

If you are interested in finding a job in the MCB Department, please see the following campus-wide job listings:
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