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MCB has been awarded the UC Berkeley Blue Health Department Certification for 2022 - 2025!  
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The MCB Department values community health and wellbeing and strives to provide policies and resources to help promote a culture of wellness. The Department has a Wellness committee that works towards the following goals:

  • Raise awareness that attention to wellness is important to create a satisfying and productive educational and work environment

  • Inform departmental policy at all levels to promote wellness

  • Emphasize that mental health is an important aspect of wellness

  • Recognize that issues with mental health (e.g. depression, anxiety disorders) are common in academia and de-stigmatize discussion of such issues

  • Make resources for addressing mental health issues easily accessible

  • Facilitate a rapid response in situations where an individual or someone they know is experiencing acute and/or severe mental health issues

2022-23 Wellness Committee Members

  • Carly K Schissel 
  • Corinne Pender 
  • Dominik Aylard
  • Hannah Shadmany 
  • Katie Carson
  • Marian Fairgrieve 
  • Mark Jenkinson
  • Matthew Welch
  • Michel DuPage
  • Naomi Latorraca 
  • Samvardhini Sridharan


Please find a document listing Mental Health resources for our community: UCB MCB Mental Health Resources

Promoting Student Mental Health: A Guide for UC Faculty and Staff

Center for Support and Intervention (CSI) and Counseling and Psychological Services CAPS Gold Folder

Report a student that you are concerned about with this form