Mitra Akhtari
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 642-6129xyz@berkeley.edu4015 VLSB
Derek Apodaca
Director of Building Services and Safety
(510) 642-2467dapodaca@berkeley.edu3072 VLSB
Zarah Arce
Technical Facilities
Hitomi Asahara
Technical Facilities
(510) 642-6383hitomi@berkeley.edu308 Barker Hall
Hannah Bloom
Graduate Student Services
(510) 643-6440hannahbloom@berkeley.edu299 Weill Hall
Eric Buhlis
Graduate Student Services
(510) 664-4905er_buhlis@berkeley.edu299 Weill Hall
Octavio Campos
Undergrad Student Services
eocampos@berkeley.edu3060 Valley Life Sciences Building
Katie Carson
Assistant Director of Student Services
(510) 643-7473kcarson@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Yvette Castellejo
Technical Facilities
Jane Chesson
Departmental Finance
(510) 643-3174jchesson@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Bonnie Chu
Undergrad Student Services
bmychu@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Jeff Davenport
Shop Services
(510) 643-3983jdavenport@berkeley.eduLL59 Koshland Hall
Amy deHart
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 642-5074adehart@berkeley.edu100 Li Ka Shing Center
Barbara Duncan
Weill Hall Building Manager
(510) 643-8121bduncan@berkeley.edu165 Weill Hall
Jordan Elmowitz
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Carina Galicia
Director of Student Services
(510) 642-0944cgalicia@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Carlos Garcia
Graduate Student Services
(510) 642-5252carlosagarcia@berkeley.edu299 Weill Hall
Julio Gonzalez
Weill Hall Receiving
(510) 643-0351julioglz@berkeley.edu163 Weill Hall
Lily Gonzalez
Technical Facilities
Davis Goodnight
(510) 642-7041;
Teresa Granados
BDS Financial Analyst
(510) 642-5864teresa_granados@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Karin Hansen
Computing Support
khansen@berkeley.eduOff campus
Pingping He
Technical Facilities
Mark Henteleff
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 642-3160henteleff@berkeley.edu4072 VLSB
Maria Hernandez
Technical Facilities
Karen Hronek
Executive Assistant to the MCB Division Heads
Mary Hsueh
Academic Services Director
(510) 643-5125maryhsueh@berkeley.edu399A Weill Hall
Mark Jenkinson
Director of Administration and Operations
(510) 643-5909mjenkinson@berkeley.edu497 Weill Hall
Deby Johns
Seminar Support
(510) 643-5524djohns@berkeley.edu399 Weill Hall
Margaret Jow
MCB Lab Course Support
510-642-6129mmjow@berkeley.edu4015 VLSB
Meredith Judy
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 664-4760mjudy@berkeley.edu2083 VLSB
Shavecca A. Keels
Seminar Support
(510) 664-4904shavecca@berkeley.edu399 Weill Hall
Erol Kepkep
Bio1A Lab Course Support Supervisor
(510) 664-4759erol_kepkep@berkeley.edu2083 VLSB
Fariborz (Fred) Khorshidi
(510) 643-9508fredkh@berkeley.edu171 Weill Hall
Tanis Kidd
BDS Financial Analyst
(510) 664-7249tkidd@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Alison Killilea
Scientific Facilities Manager
(510) 642-5956ankillilea@berkeley.edu336 Barker Hall
Emily King
Research Coordinator
Darshan Leitze
Stockroom and Receiving Manager
(510) 643-6305darshan.leitze@berkeley.edu1 Barker Hall
Rosa Lewandowski
Director's Assistant
(510) 643-3406rlewando@berkeley.edu497 Weill Hall
Fei Lin
Instructional Lab Manager
(510) 642-4168feilin@berkeley.edu4017 VLSB
Kenji Madden
(510) 642-6739kenjimadden@berkeley.edu1 Barker
Joe Magliaro
Director of Financial Services
(510) 423-0662ajmagliaro@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Sarah Maslov
Program Manager, Biology + Business
(510) 643-6965smaslov@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Brian McCarthy
Technical Facilities
(510) 642-2901brianmcc@berkeley.edu236 Barker
Michael Meighan
Bio1A Academic Coordinator
(510) 642-4110mmeighan@berkeley.edu2088 VLSB
Nicholas Monino
Arash Ng
MCB Lab Course Support
Clara Ng-Quinn
MCB Academic Advisor
(510) 643-6975cngquinn@berkeley.edu3060B VLSB
Maria Park
MCB Curriculum Planner
(510) 643-9446mariap@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Matt Paul
Computing Support
(510) 664-4906mattpaul@berkeley.edu549 Weill Hall
James Sharkey
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 664-4758jsharkey@berkeley.edu2083 VLSB
Sara Sosa
Technical Facilities
Tanya Sullivan
Project/Policy Analyst

Academic Personnel
nrterranova@berkeley.edu399 Weill Hall
Natalie Tyson
Undergrad Student Services
ntyson@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Gregory Vitan
Building Operations
(510) 642-0943vitan@berkeley.edu208 Barker hall
Eileen Wagner
Assistant Manager DNA Sequencing Facility
(510) 642-6383wagnerem@berkeley.edu308 Barker
Alli Warren
IB Curriculum Planner
(510) 642-5130alliwarren@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Lianna Wong
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 642-4214lianna_wong@berkeley.edu2083 VLSB
Judith Yee
(510) 642-4711jhyee@berkeley.edu447 Weill Hall
Michelle Zeller
MCB Lab Course Support
(510) 644-4755mzeller@berkeley.edu4083 VLSB