Spring 2022 IAP Symposium | Friday, April 22nd | 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm | Alumni House

Company reps serve as panelists to share their expertise, advice and career paths with a targeted audience of postdocs, PhD graduate students and undergraduates looking to pursue careers in industry. Network with potential job candidates through roundtable discussions and enjoy a private lunch with MCB faculty aligned with your company's research interests. Register here.



Learn about program news and our past events. 

Fall 2021: MCB Hosts 10th Bi-annual IAP symposium

Spring 2021MCB Hosts Virtual Spring 2021 IAP Symposium

Fall 2020: MCB Hosts Virtual Fall 2020 IAP Symposium

Spring 2020: MCB Hosts Virtual Spring 2020 IAP Symposium

Fall 2019: MCB Hosts IAP Fall 2019 Symposium

Spring 2019: MCB Hosts Successful Spring 2019 IAP Symposium

Fall 2018: MCB Hosts Successful IAP Fall 2018 Symposium

Spring 2018: Industry Experts Share Insights on Biotech Careers

Fall 2017: Academia and Industry Intersect at MCB Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) Symposium

Spring 2017: MCB IAP Event Creates New Industry Alliances

Spring 2017: MCB Launches Industrial Affiliates Program



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Program Director | Tanya Sullivan | mcbiap@berkeley.edu | 415-515-6438

MCB Department Chairs | David Drubin & Iswar Hariharan | mcbchair@berkeley.edu