Molecular Basis of Cell Function

The Molecular Basis of Cell Function (MCF) training program is a multi-disciplinary program within MCB that is funded by a T32 training grant from the NIH. MCF’s long-standing philosophy is to provide an early and persistent emphasis on multidisciplinary training for a flexible and individually-directed path to an innovative research career. Our mission is to provide rigorous training focused on: broad conceptual knowledge, creative and critical thinking, mastery of experimental logic and methods, application of new and quantitative approaches, appropriate analysis and interpretation of results, clear and fluent communication of findings, and incorporation of responsible and ethical practices. We foster cross-disciplinary interactions by uniting faculty from the five research divisions within MCB to create an extremely collaborative environment among our faculty, students, and research groups. We train our students for a diversity of careers and prepare them to meet present and future biomedical, scientific and societal challenges.

Students who participate in MCF take part in all of the same courses and activities as all MCB students, and also participate in additional enrichment activities designed for community building, training, and career development. These include:    

 • MCF Orientation in the fall, where you will meet and interact with other 1st and 2nd year MCF students
 • MCF Spring Symposium conference in the spring, which offers opportunities to present your work in poster or talk formats, and to benefit from career development and wellness presentations.