Each year the MCB department determines our priorities for initiatives that support our guiding principles emphasizing Community - Inclusion - Opportunity - Development which reinforce what’s in our DNA: Curiosity Driven Basic Research, Education, Training and a Commitment to Public Service. Below please find a list of our past student and community focused fundraising initiatives which were made possible through the generous support of donations from our community. 


2021-22 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Expand access to invaluable research opportunities for early career undergraduate students (learn more)
  • Continue to support diversity, equity and inclusion for all members of our community (learn more
  • Provide professional development opportunities and community building for our postdocs (learn more)

2020-21 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Resilience training for our students to increase wellness and vitality in the lab (learn more
  • Building a safe, inclusive and belonging culture through programs like inclusive MCB (learn more)
  • Expanding undergraduate training opportunities through our new summer research program

2019-20 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Promoting inclusivity (learn more)
  • Modernizing teaching labs (replaced computers in upper division MCB teaching labs)
  • Expanding career development (learn more

Image Credits (top to bottom): Lindsey Pfeiffer, Ross Peterson, Noah Berger, Kirsten Mickelwait