Each year the MCB department determines our priorities for initiatives that support our guiding principles emphasizing Community - Inclusion - Opportunity - Development which reinforce what’s in our DNA: Curiosity Driven Basic Research, Education, Training and a Commitment to Public Service. Below please find a list of our past student and community focused fundraising initiatives which were made possible through the generous support of donations from our community. 


2022-23 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Expand access to research opportunities for MCB undergraduate students. 
    Funds raised will continue to support providing research experiences to students that have not previously had the opportunity to undertake a research experience. MCB currently has a three week program that introduces students to undertaking research focused on developmental biology. We plan to expand the number of programs to enable students to sample research in different fields exposing them to different techniques including cell culture and genomics.   
  • Provide community building events to promote wellbeing and inclusivity for postdocs, students, and junior research staff.
    The past few years have been isolating and have changed the way many community members work. MCB is committed to supporting community groups to improve wellbeing and inclusivity by sponsoring community building events. These events range from professional lunch group meetings to evening social events. The underlying goal is to bring our community together and improve wellbeing and professional career development.  
  • Launch a program for undergraduate students to explore groundbreaking discoveries in molecular and cell biology in a supportive environment mentored by graduate students.
    Although MCB is one of the largest majors on campus there are students that are interested in the field of study but don't currently have an accessible on-ramp to sampling some of the field's topics in a low stakes, supportive environment. MCB intends to provide first term students the opportunity to be mentored by graduate students and explore some of the key breakthroughs and seminal experiments in a small group setting.   

2021-22 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Expand access to invaluable research opportunities for early career undergraduate students (learn more)
  • Continue to support diversity, equity and inclusion for all members of our community (learn more
  • Provide professional development opportunities and community building for our postdocs (learn more)

2020-21 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Resilience training for our students to increase wellness and vitality in the lab (learn more
  • Building a safe, inclusive and belonging culture through programs like inclusive MCB (learn more)
  • Expanding undergraduate training opportunities through our new summer research program

2019-20 Fundraising Initiatives

  • Promoting inclusivity (learn more)
  • Modernizing teaching labs (replaced computers in upper division MCB teaching labs)
  • Expanding career development (learn more

Image Credits (top to bottom): Lindsey Pfeiffer, Ross Peterson, Noah Berger, Kirsten Mickelwait