An exciting new center has been established on campus to provide the technology and training required to make new optical tools accessible to the broad neuroscience community. MCB Professors Ehud Isacoff and G. Steven Martin were present to celebrate the grand opening.

The Brain Microscopy Innovation Center (BrainMIC), using novel approaches developed at UC Berkeley, will help fast-track the commercial developments of new microscopes, optical components, and analysis methods. Such systems have been developed in the labs of individual researchers, but none are commercially available. For new optical tools to yield breakthrough discoveries, there is a need for commercially available microscopes that are optimized for use with emerging neurotechnologies.

Starting in January 2016, the BrainMIC will provide an annual winter course. The BrainMIC’s “4D Advanced Microscopy of Brain Circuits Course” will focus on the newest BRAIN Initiative neurotechnologies, utilizing both turnkey and innovation platforms that are new and not yet commercially available. Enrollment will be limited to a maximum of 16 students who will receive training from 16 Berkeley faculty.