Departmental Deadline
Fall 2021: Monday, April 26, 2021, by 11:59 pm
Spring 2022: Monday, October 18, 2022, by 11:59 pm
Each semester, the MCB and IB departments sponsor several DeCal courses facilitated by UC Berkeley students. If you have an idea for a course that is relevant to the majors (in terms of subject matter taught), please follow the steps below to get started.
MCB/IB DeCal Rules
  • In order to facilitate an MCB or an IB-sponsored DeCal, you must be in good academic standing and have attended Berkeley for at least four semesters. Good academic standing: overall GPA of 2.0 for non-majors and overall major GPA of 2.0 for MCB/IB majors.
  • At least one of the facilitators must be a declared MCB or IB major. A maximum of two facilitators can be listed as Student Course Facilitators on the forms and receive units for facilitating.
  • All facilitators must have completed one of the trainings and workshops offered by the Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources (UCFTR).
  • The content of the course must be within the scope of the academic program.
  • The course must be open to all students for enrollment.
  • The course cannot require advocacy, fundraising, or publicity for student organizations.
  • The course cannot discriminate against those students who choose not to optionally participate in the student organization's activities.
Application Process
  1. Download and fill out the required documents below.
  2. Find a faculty sponsor associated with the host department (IB or MCB) and take the materials to him/her for approval.
  3. Sign up for student facilitator training or workshops through UCFTR. This is a requirement if you haven't done it.
  4. Scan and send the completed forms to Administrative staff will follow up with you if there are any issues with the submitted proposal.
  5. The department will
  • obtain the Department Chair's signature,
  • acquire a room for the DeCal, and
  • submit a paper copy of your proposal to Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI).
Required Documents
  1. Course Proposal Form for Student-Facilitated Courses: Review the documents to be sure that you are aware of the university regulations and policies and prepare your course materials.
  2. Faculty Sponsor Letter of Support: This is a new COCI requirement, effective Spring 2018. The letter must address the questions proposed in Faculty Sponsor Letter of Support Instructions.
  3. Affiliate Form: In addition to mandatory onboarding, Human Resources requires all facilitators to submit this form. Please only fill out the 'Non-employee Information' section.