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Join us in celebrating 30 years as a department at our alumni symposium on May 4, 2019. Enjoy talks featuring our acclaimed alumni below, reconnect with fellow classmates and faculty, and learn about exciting new departmental research and initiatives.
Featured Speakers:

Janelle Ayres (MCB BA 2002, postdoc Vance lab) is an associate professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences.

Lisa Dennison (MCB PhD 2012, Scott lab) is the director of research development communications at UT–Southwestern and is the founder and director of Science Sketches.

Raymond Deshaies (Biochemistry PhD 1989, Schekman lab) is the senior vice president for discovery research at Amgen.

Hunter Fraser (MCB PhD 2005, Eisen lab) is an associate professor of biology at Stanford.

Rachel (Zunder) Fraser (MCB PhD 2011, Rine lab) is the director of research at Impossible Foods.

Michael Gilman (Biochemistry PhD 1983, Chamberlin lab) is the chief executive officer of Arrakis & Obsidian Therapeutics.

Rachel Haurwitz (MCB PhD 2012, Doudna lab) is the president and chief executive officer of Caribou Biosciences and a co-founder of Intellia Therapeutics.

Victor Holmes (MCB PhD 2001, Cozzarelli lab) is a senior scientist at Amyris Biotechnologies.

Ed Lein (MCB PhD 1998, Shatz lab) is an investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. 


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