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Peer advisors are trained junior & senior MCB majors who volunteer their time to complement the UAO advising services by sharing their knowledge of and experience with lower division requirements and upper division classes, experience with student groups on campus, preparation for life beyond the B.A., and use of various campus resources.

*Peer Advisors are on a break for the summer, they will be back the first day of classes in the fall.*

Contact Info:
Email/gchat: (gchat during business hours only)
Twitter: @MCBatCal
Instagram: mcbpaws
Office Location: 3060 VLSB

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Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Emphasis: BMB-Track 1: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Minor: Global Poverty and Practice
Research: Schaffer Lab, Hurley Lab (past)
Activities: MCBcDNA, Haas Public Service Leaders Program, The Suitcase Clinic, Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal DeCal, (Past: Residence Hall Assembly, Hall Association, Spoon University, Field Study Internship)
Post Graduate Plans: Gap year then Medical School
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes Completed: All lower division requirements except Math, MCB C100A, MCB 100B, MCB 135A, MCB 140, MCB 32, MCB C61

Hey Y'all! I'm Aurelie, an MCB (BMB Track 1) senior and a Global Poverty and Practice minor. I am passionate about studying urban social inequality and aim to address the issues faced by marginalized youth through medicine and policy reform. I plan on taking a gap year after graduation before applying to medical school which will give me the foundation necessary to eventually establish my own practice which will be grounded in the principle of community outreach. My college experiences include marketing, biochemistry research, writing, advocacy, and community development - all things I'd be more than happy to talk to you about if you are interested in navigating those avenues as an MCB major! Berkeley can be an intense place to be and I know that I would not be able to get through the stress without having someone to talk to and besides from class or extracurricular advice, that is something I can definitely be there for! I'm so excited to meet you and help in whatever what I can!  



Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Dakar, Senegal
Emphasis: IMM-Track 2: Infectious Disease
Minor: Global Poverty and Practice
Research: (past) Barker Lab
Activities: Health Advocates of Alameda Health System, Bam d’Afrique Dance group, Organization of African Students (OAS), MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program
Post Graduate Plans: Graduate School
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes Completed: All Lower Division Requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB c114, MCB 135A, PH 142

Hello everyone! My name is Catherine and I am an international student from Dakar, Senegal (West Africa). I am currently a fourth-year Immunology & Pathogenesis Track 2 major and Global Poverty and Practice minor. My passion about human health and strong desire to combat cancer have attracted me to the MCB major. I plan to focus on topics related to infectious diseases and cancer research in Grad school so as to provide equal and affordable healthcare to disadvantaged populations in Africa. This was my main inspiration to minor in GPP. I am currently volunteering with the Health Advocates of Alameda Health system so as to learn how to navigate the health care system.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, travelling to new places to explore different cultures, food and lifestyles. Once in a while, I watch documentaries and TV shows and also spend time partying with my friends. I also love visiting museums, zoos, and most of all, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean whenever I get the chance to! If you are interested in taking part in these activities with me and/or getting to talk about MCB, GPP related topics, hit me up anytime! 


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
Emphasis: Neurobiology
Research: Sherr Lab at UCSF
Activities: Medical Assistant at Dr. Jonathan Noble & Associates, Security Monitor for the Residence Halls, Kappa Gamma Delta Pre-Health Sorority, Suitcase Clinic, Stiles Hall Mentor
Post-Graduate Plans: 1-2 gap years to work, then med school
Current Schedule:
Classes Completed: 
All lower division, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 135A, MCB 160, IB C143B, PH 129, MCB C61

Hi there! My name is Lindsey and I am currently a fourth year MCB (neurobiology) major. For the last two years I have been working as a Research Assistant at the Brain Development Research Program at UCSF which has really confirmed and advanced my interest in neurology, specifically pediatric neurology. As such, after graduation I want to attend medical school and pursue a career as a child neurologist. In my free time, I love to read (English Classics and mysteries novels), drink coffee, do yoga, and go to the movie theaters (I'll see anything)! Please feel free to come and talk to me about classes, scheduling, research, student organizations, Game of Thrones, or anything else that you have questions about. 


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Emphasis: CDB-Track 2: Medical Biology and Physiology
Research: None
Activities: Work as EMT-B at Royal Ambulance, Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps, Salsa At Cal, Wrestling Club At Berkeley
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap year then Medical School
Current Schedule: 

Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 136, IB123AL, Psych 110, MCB 32, MCB 15

Hello Everyone! I'm Miguel, a Fourth year majoring in MCB (CDB Track 2). I've always had a fascination for medicine, and the courses here at Berkeley have furthered my love for Biology! I am particularly interested in physiology and how our somatosensory system enables various fundamental human functions.

I plan to take a gap year after graduation before applying to Medical School to build on my experience. Currently, I am working for Royal Ambulance in Alameda County providing basic life support in a pre-hospital setting as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B). I hope to take this experience to become an ER Tech. I am also part of the Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps here at Cal. 

In my free time, I live my double life as a dancer! I'm the currently Vice President at Salsa at Cal and the intermediate Salsa Instructor, so if you'd like some lessons feel free to ask! If any of this interests you, please feel free to drop by with any questions and/or chat. I'm more than happy to share my thoughts/experiences here at Cal. I look forward to meeting you!


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his or they/them/their
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA
Emphasis: Neurobiology
Minor: Comparative Ethnic Studies
Research: Feldman Lab (current), Kaufer Lab (previous)
Activities: Volunteer at Berkeley Free Clinic, You Mean More, Undergraduate Research (Honors Thesis), Rubik's Cube DeCal and Rubik's Cube Club at Berkeley, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Coffee Break en Español, Pre-Medical Honors Society (Past: PEACE Tutoring, ASUC Mental Health Policy Assistant Director)
Post-Graduate Plans: Medical School (currently applying!)
Current Schedule:
Classes Completed: MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 160, MCB 161, MCB 163L, MCB 165, IB 131, PH 142, all lower division requirements

Hi everyone — I'm Nick, and I'm a fourth year MCB neurobiology major! I have always been interested in a career in medicine, but since coming to Berkeley, I have become particularly interested in using medicine to promote health equity among urban undeserved communities. I feel drawn to this type of work because it is at the intersection of my passion for biology, human health, and social justice. I'm currently in the application process for medical school, so if you have questions about the MCAT, application process, or anything else, I'm more than happy to chat and share resources and advice. On campus, I have been heavily involved with research, mental health awareness, the Rubik's Cube community, and more. If anything here sounds interesting or useful to you, feel free to drop in and chat with me! I'm honestly interested in not only helping with basic MCB tasks, but getting to know you as well. Also, if you come up with any terrible MCB jokes, please come talk to me because I love terrible science and/or dad jokes.


Preferred Pronouns:
Hometown: San Ramon, CA
Emphasis and Track: BMB- Track 1: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research: (Past) Hayes Lab
Activities: Peer Health Exchange (PHE), Align: USCB, Work at DNA Sequencing Facility, SLC(Bio 1A Tutor)
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap year followed by Medical School
Current Schedule:  
Classes Completed: All Lower Division Requirements, MCB C100A, MCB 100B, MCB 110, MCB 140, MCB 160, IB 131, STAT 134

Hey y'all! I'm Nisha, and I'm a 4th year majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I am currently thinking about heading to Medical school after a gap year, where hopefully I can work either in the biotech industry or just continue doing research. I am extremely passionate about helping people to become more well rounded and love encouraging people to explore and indulge their interests outside of MCB and biology in general. Personally, I am interested in the intersection of computer science and biology (aka computational biology) and have taken almost all of the lower division CS classes on campus, and founded a club to generate more of a community with students interested in Comp Bio. I also am interested in education and helping people to have more access to the education and resources they deserve, and spend my Fridays volunteering in local high schools doing just that! Come stop by to talk to me about anything from your premed or post-undergrad anxieties to food recommendations around campus! I can't wait to meet y'all!


Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His
Hometown: Moraga, CA
Emphasis: CDB Track 2 - Medical Biology and Physiology
Minor: Computer Science
Research: Laboratory for Skeletal Regeneration
Activities: Camp Kesem, Surgical Training Facility at UCSF, Cal Climbing, Phi Chi, Chem1A Teacher-Scholars, Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP), IM Ultimate Frisbee
Post-Graduate plans: Gap year and then medical school.
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes completed: All lower div requirements, MCB102, MCB 104, MCB 136, NST 110, PH 142, CompBio98BC

Hey there! I’m Omid and I’m a fourth year majoring in MCB (CDB emphasis) with a minor in Computer Science. I really love studying Biology, particularly physiology and how the body responds to external stressors, but I decided to add a CS minor because I found that I also really enjoyed puzzling my way through coding problems and learning the intricacies of computer systems. I’m currently a member of Phi Chi which is a Pre-Health fraternity, and after graduation I’m hoping to take a gap year and then go to medical school.
I spend a lot of my time in Orthopaedics at UCSF where I work in the Surgical Training Facility and the Bone Regeneration Lab. Both great experiences that have really given me new perspectives on the medical field. Also, I love to teach, and for the last four semesters I’ve been a Teacher Scholar for Chem1A. So if you have any questions about Lewis structures hit me up!
In my free time I like to go rock climbing, play IM Ultimate Frisbee, and watch Basketball (Go Warriors!). I also take a lot of naps, so don’t be surprised if you catch me sleeping on the glade if it’s a sunny day!
I know trying to navigate Berkeley can be daunting, but that’s why we’re here to help! Come by and say hi!


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Prunedale, CA
Emphasis: CDB - Track 2: Medical Biology and Physiology
Research: Lishko Lab
Activities: Undergraduate Research, Kappa Gamma Delta Pre-Health Sorority, American Medical Women's Association
Post-Graduate Plans: 2 gap years then medical school
Current Schedule: 

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 136, IB 117, IB 137, NST 110

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a transfer student from Monterey Peninsula College. I am currently a senior, majoring in MCB with an emphasis in Cell and Developmental Biology. My interest lies in female reproductive health and fertility issues which has resulted in my pursuance of a career as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. As a transfer student, I understand how difficult it can be to assimilate to such an established institution as Cal, but fear not! There are countless opportunities here at Cal to strengthen you academically and cultivate friendships among a community of brilliant, like-minded people like yourself!  Please feel free to drop by with any questions and/or chat about schedule planning, research opportunities, student organizations, amazing food spots around town, etc. I look forward to meeting you!


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Emphasis: GGD-Track 2: Developmental Genetics
Research: Majumdar/Link Lab (current), Fletcher Lab, Riemer Lab (past)
Activities: Suitcase Clinic, Asha for Education, Berkeley NEED, Rotacare Clinic, The Daily Californian (past: Alta Bates - Herrick Campus)
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap Year then Medical School
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes Completed: 
all lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 130, MCB 135A, IB 131, CS 61A

Hey guys - I'm Shik and I'm a 4th year studying MCB (Genetics). I came to Berkeley with a fuzzy sense that I wanted to be involved with healthcare and medicine because of an intrinsic desire to help people feel better. My college experience has provided with more defined interests in the field and allowed to come into my own (at least in my own estimation).

I'm passionate about in the intersection of medicine and technology. My current research blends statistical and machine learning-based approaches with medical imaging to improve our understanding of the features responsible for onset of osteoarthritis. If you're ever interested in talking about similar research, feel free to contact me or come into an advising session for more information. 

Some of my interests are power-lifting, biking, playing basketball, and watching my favorite teams lose (49ers, A's) and win (Warriors). I also enjoy eating food and sleeping when I get the chance. I'm super pumped about helping y'all navigate through your Berkeley experience so come through and talk to me!



Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Emphasis: IMM - Track 2: Infectious Disease
Double Major: Public Health
Research: HOPE HOME Study; Previously Bhalla Lab
Activities: Suitcase Clinic, SLC (MCB 102 Study Group Leader), Hep-TEV at the Berkeley Free Clinic, Teach in Prison, Kappa Gamma Delta
Post-Graduate plans: Public Health masters then Medical School
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB C112, MCB 150, MCB 150L, PH 142, PH 150A, PH 150B

Hi friends! My name is Sonali and I'm a 4th year double majoring in MCB (Immuno) and Public Health. My passions involve studying the intersectionality of health and social inequity which have shaped my career goals of becoming a medical provider and providing culturally competent care to underrepresented populations. After graduating, I plan on taking 1-2 gap years before applying to medical school, hopefully getting an MPH during that time. Currently, I am heavily involved with the Suitcase Clinic, an organization that offers weekly services to local underserved and homeless populations. I also provide hepatitis, HIV, and tuberculosis testing at the Berkeley Free Clinic. In my free time you can often find me trying new food, going to concerts, and reading up on the latest Game of Thrones conspiracy theories. Berkeley can definitely be tough and I know that I've definitely felt overwhelmed by this school before; I would be happy to share my experiences with you. Feel free to come chat about anything from schedule planning to GRE/MCAT stress to dessert recommendations. Can't wait to meet you!


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: La Crescenta, CA
Emphasis: BMB-Track 1: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Double Major: Integrative Biology
Research: Thorner Lab
Activities: SLC Chem 1A Study Group Leader, Biology Scholars Program, Explorations in Bioprinting DeCal Co-Facilitator, Highland Hospital Volunteering, Certified Enrollment Counselor for the Berkeley Free Clinic, React!™ the Organic Chemistry Board Game, PEACE Tutoring, Laser Engraving Enthusiast
Post-Graduate plans: MD/PhD or MD
Current Schedule:
MCB Classes completed: All lower division except Physics, MCB c100A, Chem 135, IB 131 

Hi Y'all! My name is Will and I am going into my junior year as an MCB major with an emphasis in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Integrative Biology. I have a passion for helping students on campus with course schedules and recommendations on what to do on or off campus. I also have a passion for teaching general chemistry and other science related areas. One of the things I like to do on my spare time is go to Jacobs Hall and use their laser engravers to make cool keychains. Come visit me during my advising hours if you want to talk about scheduling, bioprinting, or even laser engraving (I'll even give away a wooden keychain for you to keep!).


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Unionville, PA
Emphasis: IMM-Track 1: Immunology and Pathogenesis
Double Major:  Public Health
Research: School of Optometry
Activities: Suitcase Clinic, Undergraduate research
Post-Graduate plans: Gap year(s) and then Medical School
Current Schedule:
MCB courses taken: all lower division courses, MCB c100A, MCB 110, MCB 104, MCB 135A, MCB 150, IB 131, PH 142, PH 150B

Hi! I’m Ziya and I’m a fourth year MCB and Public Health double major from Pennsylvania. A family history of immune disorder first sparked my interest in immunology research and medicine, inspiring me to major in MCB! I love learning about the different molecular and cellular processes that underlie our existence, but I’m also interested in how discoveries in biology can be applied to achieve a healthier and more equitable society, so I decided to also major in Public Health! Outside of class, I work in a lab in the School of Optometry and volunteer a lot with the Suitcase Clinic. In my free time, I love to cook, explore the Bay Area, go on outdoors adventures, and waste my time watching random Youtube videos! Berkeley can be a bit much at times, so please don’t hesitate to stop by if you have any questions, concerns, or just need an ear to listen!