Nicolas Altemos headshotNicolas Altemos (Karpen lab) - 2020 HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow Ana Milunovic Jevtic headshotBriana Bohannon (Feldman lab) - F32 – Postdoctoral NRSA Fellowship (NINDS) Timothy Eisen headshotTimothy Eisen (Kuriyan lab) - November 2020 Damon Runyon Fellow
Deepa Ramamurthy headshotDeepa Ramamurthy (Feldman lab) - Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award and 2021 Leading Edge Fellow Alan Shaw headshotAlan Shaw (Marqusee/ Bustamante labs) - K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award (NHGRI) Koning Shen headshotKoning Shen (Dillin lab) - K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award


Basem Al-Shayeb headshotBasem Al-Shayeb (Doudna lab) - 2021 Forbes 30 under 30 list in Science North America

2020–2021 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI) Award Recipients 

Congratulations to the OGSI Award Recipients:
Madeline Arnold headshot
Madeline Arnold
Saijo Lab
Natalie Dall headshot
Natalie Dall
Marqusee Lab
Jesse Dunnack headshot
Jesse Dunnack
Hockemeyer/Bateup Lab
Carolyn Huang headshot
Carolyn Huang
Doudna Lab
Jordan Ngo headshot
Jordan Ngo
Schekman Lab
Hannah Nilsson headshot
Hannah Nilsson
Cox Lab
Danielle Spitzer headshot
Danielle Spitzer
Hariharan Lab
Santiago Yori headshot
Santiago Yori
Martin Lab
Madeline Zoltek headshot
Madeline Zoltek
Schepartz Lab

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Congratulations to the recipients of NSF Graduate Research Fellowships:
Brenna Remick headshot
Brenna Remick
Vance Lab
Kevin Wickham headshot
Kevin Wickham
Dillin Lab
Chenyu Zhang headshot
Chenyu Zhang
DuPage/Raulet Labs
NSF Fellowship Honorable Mentions: Meghan Bacher (Welch Lab), Claire Goul (Zoncu Lab), Maria McSharry (Lareau Lab), Anthony Rodriguez-Vargas (Collins Lab), Anna Rogers (Lareau Lab), Oscar Whitney (Tjian/Darzacq Lab), Madeline Zoltek (Schepartz Lab)


Dean's Graduate Diversity Innovation Fund

Madeline Arnold headshot
Madeline Arnold
Michelle Reid headshot
Michelle Reid

A group of graduate students, led by Madeline Arnold (Saijo lab) and Michelle Reid (Brohawn lab), received funding from the Dean’s Graduate Diversity Innovation Fund to support anti-racist and climate-related programs and initiatives. The pilot Affinity Groups program, organized through the trainee-led inclusive MCB+ (iMCB+) initiative, will bring trainees in the biological sciences together to connect with other trainees who have shared identities and experiences. The aim of the program is to provide spaces where people can be open about their identities, particularly those with underrepresented and minoritized identities, and can build communities of support.


Christian Nixon headshotChristian Nixon (Fenyong Liu lab) - Haas Scholars Fellowship Alan Huang headshotAlan Huang (C. Chang lab) - named 2021 University Medal finalist


Carinia Galicia headshotDirector of Student Services Carina Galicia - 2021 UC Berkeley Excellence in Management Award: Leading in Difficult Times
Erol Kepkep headshot
Erol Kepkep
Jim Sharkey headshot
Jim Sharkey
Lianna Wong headshot
Lianna Wong

MCB Lab Instruction Supervisor Erol Kepkep, and Staff Research Associates Jim Sharkey and Lianna Wong - 2021 UC Berkeley Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award










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