Fall 2023 | Class Notes

Class Notes

Aamna Abbasi (BA 2019) is a PhD candidate at Duke University in the Department of Integrative Immunobiology.
Anna Albisetti (Postdoc 2019) is a senior scientific collaborator at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerland.
Jessica Bonnar (BA 2019) is a graduate student researcher at MIT studying molecular assembly and ER quality control of collagen in the Department of Biology, Shoulders Lab.
Yoshio Boris (BA 2019) is an associate director of business development at Resolian, a Bioanalytical Clinical Research Organization.
Philippe de Gaiffier (BA 2018) is an associate strategy officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Ramy El-Diwany, MD, PhD (BA 2008) finished his general surgery residency and started a fellowship in transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland.
Alexandre Fernandes (Postdoc 2013) is the development director of IIED Europe, responsible for establishing the organization as a new voice in the European Union on issues of climate, sustainability, and justice.
• Adam Freund (PhD 2010) is the founder and CEO of Arda Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on treatment of chronic diseases and aging by depleting pathogenic cells.
Sophia Friesen (PhD 2023) is a science communications manager at the University of Utah Health. Patty Garcia Leon (PhD 2012) was recently promoted to senior clinical scientist at Genentech.
• Jim Graziano, PhD (BA 1998) is the vice president of operations for InduPro, a biotechnology company in Seattle, WA.
• Jennifer Hall (BA 2021) is a first-year medical student at Duke University School of Medicine and is hoping to go into surgical oncology or neuro-oncology.
Kanika Khanna (Postdoc 2023) is a scientific program leader at Gladstone Institutes of Virology.
Daniel Kramer (PhD 2020) is the engagement manager at ClearView Healthcare Partners, a global-strategy consulting firm serving the life-science sector.
Tina Liu (Postdoc 2021) is an assistant professor of molecular biology & biochemistry at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where her lab explores the diverse biology of CRISPR-Cas systems and engineers them for nucleic acid sensing and diagnostics.
Muskan Sheth (BA 2023) is a research associate in cell engineering at Ascend Gene & Cell Therapies, where she focuses on optimizing the adeno-associated virus (AAV) as a vector for gene and cell therapeutics by developing cell lines and high-throughput screening assays.
Katie Sieverman (PhD 2017) is the director of content at Codon Learning, where she builds college STEM courseware that supports evidence-based teaching practices and helps students learn how to learn. Kersh Thevasundaram (PhD 2020) is head of science at Clairity Technology, where he leads the development of natural, low-cost CO2 adsorbents for direct air capture.
Darmood “David” Wei PhD (BA 2008) is a senior toxicologist for the US Food and Drug Administration. Oliver Zill (PhD 2020) is the founder & principal of init.bio, a company that helps biotech startups with R&D management, scientific strategy, and computational platforms for drug discovery through its unique fractional operator model.


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