Undergrad Research Spotlights
By Monica Albe & Shana Singh

Nazineen Kandahari
Nazineen Kandahari

Nazineen Kandahari
Dillin Lab, MCB-I&P and Public Health Senior, 2017
Senior Honors Thesis: The Role of Glia in Stress Resistance and Longevity

Professor Dillin says, "Nazineen Kandahari has volunteered in my laboratory since June of 2015. She is very intelligent, quick to master scientific principles and techniques she learns in the lab. I have been most impressed with Nazineen’s ability to integrate what she has learned in her science courses to what we are studying in the lab. Nazineen's academic achievements are even more impressive after learning that she is an Afghan immigrant and first generation high school graduate. She is an outstanding student with a deep commitment to serving underrepresented and immigrant communities through medicine and scientific research and hopes to pursue an MD/PhD."

Kandahari says her research experience in the Dillin Lab has been the highlight of her undergraduate career, and “with the unparalleled support and guidance of my fellow lab members, I was able to transition from student to scientist.” She is graduating this summer, and walked in the Spring MCB ceremony.

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