Undergrad Research Spotlights
By Monica Albe & Shana Singh

Malcolm Crawford
Malcolm Crawford

Malcolm Crawford
Bateup Lab, MCB-NEU Junior, 2017
SURF Research Fellowship Project: Morphological Changes in Dopamine Neurons Resulting From Tsc1 deletion

Malcolm Crawford started in the Bateup Lab as a URAP student, where he worked to determine how deletion of the autism risk gene and mTOR regulator Tsc1 from mice affects the anatomical characteristics of dopamine neurons. This summer, he was awarded a summer SURF Research Fellowship. His summer project focuses on manipulating mTOR signaling in dopamine neurons via cell-type specific deletion of the Tsc1 gene, a negative regulator of the mTOR complex. By doing that, he will examine how changes in cell morphology and protein expression levels are impacted by mTOR hyper-activation.

Crawford says, "I've wanted the opportunity to work in research my entire life and am incredibly grateful to have that and the members of the Bateup Lab are universally incredible people who I am thrilled to work alongside."

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