MCB Postdocs Named New Damon Runyon Fellows

Congratulations to the three MCB Postdocs who have been named new Damon Runyon Fellows. These early-career investigators will receive funding to pursue cutting-edge cancer research. 

Tess Branon, with her sponsor MCB Professor Gregory Barton, is exploring the relationship between the human body and the microbes that inhabit the gut, which affects physiology, development, and disease. 

Steven Crossley, with his sponsors MCB Professors Christopher Chang and Daniel Nomura, is developing reaction-based chemistry to address the problem of “undruggable” targets in cancer therapy.

Katy Ong, with her sponsor MCB Professor David Bilder, is investigating the molecular basis of paraneoplastic syndromes, which occur when a cancer causes unusual symptoms due to hormones produced by the tumor or antibodies produced by the immune system.

To learn more, read the Damon Runyon press release here.