Faculty Recruitment

The Department of Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) is seeking applications for three faculty positions in the areas listed below. We seek candidates with Ph. D. and/or M.D. degrees who have a strong interest in undergraduate and graduate teaching and demonstrated excellence, originality and productivity in research.

Systems Biology (MCB)


We seek candidates interested in the study of the complex networks that function at different levels of organization. This will be a broad based search and applicants are encouraged to apply who are employing a combination of laboratory and theoretical approaches provided by biochemistry, genetics, and developmental or evolutionary logic. Areas of research could include (but are not limited to), the architecture and function of genetic networks, the regulation of metabolism and energy homeostasis, information processing by signaling pathways, and spatial organization and temporal control at the cellular, tissue or organ level. This position is open at the Assistant Professor level (tenure-track).

Biology of Cancer (MCB)


We seek candidates interested in the mechanisms of cancer and treatment of this disease with a primary focus on human cancer or mammalian models. Thus areas of interest could include (but are not limited to) the genetics and epigenetics of human cancer, tumor-host interactions, tumor metastasis, tumor immunology, and the use of mouse models to dissect mechanisms of tumor initiation and progression. This position is open at any level (tenured or tenure track).

Stem Cell Biology (MCB)


We seek candidates whose research focuses on any aspect of stem cell biology, including (but not limited to) the use of stem cells to develop models of human biology or disease, molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in pluripotent and differentiating stem cells, the regulation of stem cell renewal and differentiation during development, and the biology of cancer stem cells. This position is open at any level (tenured or tenure-track).

Applications and letters of reference should be submitted online through http://mcb.berkeley.edu. Applications should include a curriculum vitae; a list of publications; copies of three significant publications; a brief description of research accomplishments; and a statement of research objectives and teaching interests. In addition, applicants applying for a non-tenured position should arrange to have three letters of reference submitted online. Potential reviewers should be referred to the Statement of Confidentiality found at: http://apo.chance.berkeley.edu/evalltr.html. The deadline for applications is November 15, 2011.

We are interested in candidates who will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education through their teaching, research, and service. We are also committed to addressing the family needs of faculty.

The University of California is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.