Congrats to the 2021 MCB Postdoc Award Recipients!

MCB postdoc award recipients 2021
We are excited to announce the recipients of our annual MCB Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellows Awards! Each year, the department honors five postdocs (one in each division) for excellence in research, contributions to the division and department, mentoring, and outreach. 

BBS | Allison Didychuk (Glausinger lab) seeks to dissect the molecular mechanism of late gene transcription and genome packaging in herpesviruses. 

CDB | Andrew Manford (Rape lab) studies the roles of the ubiquitin system in controlling the interplay between cellular differentiation and metabolism. 

GGD  |  Sarah Leinwand (Scott lab) investigates hormone-driven maturation of spontaneous neural activity and learned behavior.

IMP | Moritz Gaidt (Vance lab) researches how the innate immune system uses bi-functional pathways to detect pathogen virulence.  

NEU | Fei Hu (Dan lab) is interested in understanding the neural mechanisms of visual selective attention.