Chancellor Shares Campus Priorities

Chancellor Christ shares campus priorities, which tie directly into the mission of UC Berkeley:

  • Building Community
  • Ensuring that Students Thrive
  • Enhancing Diversity & Inclusion
  • Supporting Transformative Research for the Public Good
  • Building a Sustainable Financial Model

MCB is on board to do its part!

We've been working hard to create networking and community building opportunities for our students, postdocs, staff and faculty through our seminars, luncheons, and special events. We're especially excited about the MCB Industrial Affiliates Program, which will serve to create connections for our community with local industry partners -- fueling new ideas in the lab and career connections for our students and postdocs.

It's well known that UC Berkeley provides and outstanding education for its students. Outside the classroom, MCB is enhancing our undergraduate program with exciting research opportunities, support of student clubs, and special events that connect our students to on-campus jobs and research opportunities, and outside opportunities as well.

The MCB Equity Committee is dedicated to making our department welcoming to and supportive of all our students, postdocs, staff, and faculty. Our efforts have recently expanded through an innovation grant from the campus Division of Equity and Inclusion, and adding student representatives to the equity committee.

The Department of Molecular & Cell Biology continues to be on the forefront of research efforts — nationally and internationally. Just over the last year, we've had more breakthroughs that benefit society, whether you're talking about CRISPR technologies, the fight with cancer, understanding our brains, or other aspects of human health like sleep, birth control, or mental health.

And finally, MCB is committed to sound financial practices and smart decisions that will further our efforts while supporting our students, faculty, and research programs. We're pursuing innovative solutions that enhance our programs — whether that's through new grants, recruiting the best and the brightest, or creating industry partnerships. And as always, we are grateful to our friends and alumni that enhance our efforts through their support of student scholarships, faculty chairships, and our special programs! If you love what we do, consider donating today.

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