2023 MCB Outstanding Postdoc Awards

2023 Outstanding Postdoc AwardsWe are excited to announce the recipients of our annual MCB Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellows Awards! Each year, the department honors postdocs for excellence in research, leadership, and service. 


Rachel Coombs (Robey Lab) investigates how the extracellular microenvironment in the spleen directs T cell differentiation using an experimental model of chronic T. gondii infection in mice. 

Rory Craig (Merchant Lab) works on genome evolution and transposable elements in eukaryotic algae.

Marta Gajowa (Adesnik Lab) explores synaptic origins of visual tuning properties through fast and large-scale synaptic connectivity mapping.

Thomas Graham (Tjian & Darzacq Labs) uses single-molecule imaging in live cells to study how protein complexes regulate transcription.

Diane Haakonsen (Rapé Lab) aims to understand how cells can respond to cellular stresses and ensure that the activated stress responses are silenced at the right time to maintain cellular homeostasis.

Chenshu Liu (Dernburg Lab) researches how mechanical forces are transmitted to and sensed by the nuclear envelope in cells undergoing meiosis and oogenesis, to ensure oocyte production is both accurate and robust.

Noam Prywes (Savage Lab) is performing a deep mutational scan of rubisco in e. coli.