MCB Industrial Affiliates Program Fall 2020 Symposium


Fall IAP Symposium | September 18, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Zoom link provided upon registration

Welcome to the MCB Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) Fall Symposium! We hope you will join us to learn about our IAP companies' cutting-edge research, discover career opportunities, and interact with our talented postdocs & students in research breakout sessions. Please see our detailed program agenda below and learn about our presenters. We look forward to having you participate.

- David Drubin & Iswar Hariharan, MCB Faculty and Department Co-Chairs



Welcome | David Drubin | 1:00 pm - 1:10 pm


Part I | IAP Company Lightning Talks | 1:10 pm - 2:30pm 

Amgen | Milena Furtado, Research Scientist

Calico | Kayley Hake, Sr. Research Associate

Eikon | David McSwiggen, Scientist

Eureka | Lucas Horan, Scientist

Neurona | Mike Watson, Sr. Process Engineer

Nuro Bio | Matt Bratkowski, Sr. Scientist

Pionyr | Nadine Jahchan, Sr. Scientist

Scribe | Benjamin Oakes, President & CEO, Co-Founder

Tenaya | Ze Cheng, Scientist

Thermo Fisher | Jing Gao, Sr. Director of R&D, Software Engineering



Part II | Student & Postdoc Research Breakout Sessions | 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm 

Subhrajit Banerjee​ (MCB Postdoc; Zoncu lab)
Targeting and understanding the growth regulatory kinase, mechanistic target of Rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) at the lysosome. 

Bob Cail (Biophysics Grad Student; Drubin lab)
Induced nanoscale membrane curvature nucleates endocytic sites, shortens endocytic lifetimes, and rescues clathrin knockdown.

Samantha Cheung (MCB Postdoc; Bautista lab)
Identifying molecular players in CIPN using natural variation​.

Jackie Childers (IB Grad Student; Bowie lab)
Phylogeny and Diversification of the Old World Weaver Birds (family Ploceidae) Using Whole Genome Sequencing​

Sara Seunga Choo (MCB Grad Student; Hockemeyer lab)
Exploring a potential therapeutic approach for a short telomere disease using in vitro and in vivo stem cell models​.

Stephen Cutie (BioE Grad Student; Huang lab)
Roles of glucocorticoid and vitamin D receptors in the control of neonatal cardiomyocyte proliferative potential​.

Christopher Duncan-Lewis (MCB Grad Student; Glausinger lab)
Cytoplasmic mRNA decay is linked to RNAPII transcriptional repression during early apoptosis.

Malak El-Quessny (HWNI Grad Student; Feller lab)
How vision shapes the wiring of neural circuits in the mammalian retina​.

YangJoon Kim​ (Biophysics Grad Student; Garcia lab)
Building up predictive models of transcriptional repression in developing Drosophila embryos​.​

Jamie Lahvic (MCB Postdoc; Hariharan lab)
Tumor cells and their neighbors- Drosophila epithelia reveal cellular defenses against cancer.​​

Qiqing (Lily) Li (MCB Undergrad Student; Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Intern)
RNA Velocity Analysis of Mouse Dentate Gyrus Cells​.

Tess Linden (MCB Grad Student; King lab)
The evolutionary origin of collagen​.

Jonathan Liu (Physics Grad Student; Garcia lab)
Quantitative characterization of the eukaryotic transcription cycle using live imaging and statistical inference​.

Ofer Moldavski (MCB Postdoc; Zoncu lab)
Identifying a metabolic pathway in adipose tissue that controls Insulin sensitivity​.

Rohit Satija (MCB Postdoc; Bustamante lab)
Structural transitions and dynamics of biomolecules at single molecule resolution.

Michael Telias (MCB Postdoc; Kramer lab)
Augmenting vision during retinal degeneration by inhibiting the Retinoic Acid Receptor​.

Melanie Worley (MCB Postdoc; Hariharan lab)
Localized and tissue-wide gene expression changes during regeneration in Drosophila revealed by single-cell analysis​.