Lorenzo Lones

Lorenzo Lones

Assistant Professor of Teaching, Division of Cell Biology, Development and Physiology

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Research Interests

My research group uses mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) to understand the teaching practices that promote students’ self-efficacy, sense of belonging, and persistence in STEM.


Dr. Lones received a BS in Psychology and Human Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and a PhD in Neuroscience from Washington University in St. Louis. He then earned a PhD in Neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis where he studied seizure susceptibility with Dr. Aaron DiAntonio. Lorenzo then completed a postdoc at San Francisco State University in the lab of Dr. Kimberly Tanner, the Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory (SEPAL), studying instructor implementation of active learning.

Selected Publications

  1. Lones L & DiAntonio A. SIK3 and Wnk converge on Fray to regulate glial K+ buffering and seizure susceptibility. PLoS Genet. 2023
  2. Li H, Lones L, DiAntonio A. Bidirectional regulation of glial potassium buffering- glioprotection versus neuroprotection. Elife. 2021
  3. Jones JR, Simon T, Lones L, Herzog ED. SCN VIP neurons are essential for normal light-mediated resetting of the circadian system. J Neurosci. 2018

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