Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewis

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, Development and Physiology

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Research Interests

Within each of our cells, the genetic control of metabolism is split between the nuclear genome and a multitude of small, circular mitochondrial genomes. The co-inheritance and -regulation of these genomes is required for aerobic life. Mitochondrial DNA defects cause hereditary metabolic diseases that impact tissues with high energy demand, such as the brain, muscle and heart, and are also linked to cancer and the innate immune response. We aim to reveal the cellular mechanisms that ensure mitochondrial DNA integrity and inheritance in metazoans, using quantitative imaging, genetics and systems biology approaches.

Selected Publications

Begeman A, Babaian A, Lewis SC. mSystems. 2023 May 18: e0100222.

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Lewis SC, et al. (2015) PLoS Genetics, 11(2): e1004985.

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