W. Zacheus Cande

W. Zacheus Cande

Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology, Development and Physiology

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Research Interests

I am interested in the evolution and function of several hallmark features of eukaryotic cells such as the cytoskeleton, mitosis and meiosis.

Current Projects

I retired in 2015 and my lab is now closed; thus I am no longer accepting students or postdoctoral or visiting fellows. However I have retained an interest in research in the department related to mitosis and meiosis and attend relevant seminars and lab group meetings. I am also interested in the history, population biology and evolution of pernambuco (pau brazil, Paubrasilia echinata), the wood used to make violin bows, and have given presentations on that subject..

Selected Publications

The maize Ameiotic1 gene is essential for multiple early meiotic processes and likely required for the initiation of meiosis.[W.P. Pawlowski,  R. C-JWang, I. N. Golubovskaya. , J.M. Szymaniak, L. Shi, O. Hamant, T. Zhu, L. Harper, W.F. Sheridan,  and W. Z. Cande. (2009) PNAS (USA) 106:3603-8]

The Histone Demethylase, Lid2, is Essential for Coordinating H3K4 and H3K9 Methylation of Heterochromatin and Euchromatin.  [F. Li, M. Huarte, Y. Shi, R. Martienssen,  and W. Z. Cande. (2008). Cell 135:272-283]

Evidence for nuclear fusion and automixis in the binucleate intestinal parasite Giardia intestinalis.[M. K.Poxleitner, M. Carpenter, M., R. Wang, J. Mancuso, S.C. Dawson,  and W. Z. Cande (2008) Science, 319:1530-1533]

Three dimensional analysis of mitosis and cytokinesis in the binucleate parasite Giardia intestinalis. [M. S. Sagolla, S. C. Dawson, J. J. Mancuso,. and W. Cande (2006)  J. Cell Sci. 119:4889-4900]

Genetics of Meiotic Prophase I in Plants [O. Hamant, H. Ma, and W. Z. Cande (2006) Ann. Rev Plant Biology 57:267-302]

Bqt2p is Essential for Initiating Telomere Clustering upon Pheromone Sensing in Fission Yeast. [X. Tang, Y. Jin, and W. Z. Cande (2006) J. Cell Biol. 173:845-51]

Coordination of meiotic recombination, pairing and synapsis by PHS1.  [W.P  Pawlowski,., I. N. Golubovskaya,, L. Timofeeva, R. B. Meeley,. W. F. Sheridan, and W. Z.  Cande (2004) Science 303:89-92]

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