Beth Burnside

Beth Burnside

Professor Emerita of Cell Biology, Development and Physiology*
*And Affiliate, Division of Neurobiology

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Research Interests

Our lab investigated the roles of the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons in the morphogenesis and survival of vertebrate retinal photoreceptors. Though research still continues in collaborations, Dr. Burnside has closed the lab at Berkeley and is no longer taking students or post-docs.

Selected Publications

Mouse class III myosins: kinase activity and phosphorylation sites. J.S.Dalal, S.M. Steven, Jr., S. Alverez, N. Munoz, N., K.E.Kempler, A.C. Dose, B. Burnside, and B-A Battelle. (2011) Neurochem. 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2011.07468.x (pp.1-13).

Fascin 2b is a component of stereocilia that lengthens actin-based protrusions.  S. Chou, P.S. Hwang, G, Gomez, C.A. Fernando, M.C. West, L.M. Pollack, J.Lin-Jones, B. Burnside,  and B.M. McDermott, Jr (2011) PLoS ONE 6:e14807 (pp1-13).

Fish retinomotor movements. B. Burnside and C. Kingsmith. (2010) In D. A. Dartt, J. Besharse, and R. Danz, (Eds.) Encyclopedia of the Eye, vol. 2. Oxford:Academic Press. pp. 142-150.

Cloning and distribution of myosin 3B in the mouse retina: differential distribution in cone outer segments. C. Katti, J.S. Dalal, A.C. Dose, B. Burnside, and B. Batelle. (2009)  Exp. Eye Res. 89:224-237

Identification and localization of myosin superfamily members in fish retina and retinal pigment epithelium. J. Lin-Jones, L. Sohlberg, A. Dose, J. Breckler, D.W. Hillman,  and B. Burnside. (2009)  J. Comp. Neurol. 513:209-233.

Retinomotor movements. B. Burnside and C. King-Smith.(2009)  In  Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, Larry R. Squire. (ed.). Oxford:Academic Press. (accessed July 2009) pp. 275-281.

Class III Myosins. A.C. Dosé, J. Lin-Jones, and B. Burnside. (2008) In:  “Myosins, A Superfamily of Molecular Motors,”  L. Coluccio. (ed.) Springer Publishing Company, pp.265-288.

The kinase domain alters the kinetics of the myosin IIIA motor.  A.C. Dosé, S. Ananthanarayanan, J.E.Moore, A.C. Corsa, B. Burnside, and C.M.Yengo (2008) Biochemistry 47(8):2485-96.

The retina-specific protein, fascin 2 is an actin crosslinker associated with actin bundles in photoreceptor inner segments and calycal processes. J. Lin-Jones and B. Burnside (2007). IOVS. 48(3): 1380-8.

The kinetic mechanism of human myosin IIIA. A.C. Dose, S. Ananthanarayanan, J.E. Moore, B. Burnside, C.M. Yengo (2006) J. Biol. Chem. 104 (3) 772-7.

A new compartment at stereocilia tips defined by spatial and temporal patterns of myosin IIIa expression. M.E. Schneider, A.C. Dose, F.T. Salles, W. Chang, F.L. Erickson, B. Burnside, B. Kachar (2006) J. Neuroscience. 26(40):10243-52.

Characterization of peripherin/rds and rom-1 transport in rod photoreceptors of transgenic and knockout animals. E.S. Lee, B. Burnside, J.G. Flannery. (2006) Inv. Ophthal. Vision Sci. 47(5):2150-2160.

Myosin VI is required for structural integrity of the apical surface of sensory hair cells in zebrafish. C. Seiler, O. Ben-David, S. Sidi, O. Hendrich, A. Rusch, B. Burnside, K.B. Avraham, T. Nicolson (2004). Dev. Biol. 272(2):328-338.

Myosin III in photoreceptors: What does it do? A.C. Dose, J. Lin-Jones, and B. Burnside (2004) In: Photoreceptor Cell Bilogy and Inherited Retinal Degenerations (ed.) D.S. Williams, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 2004, pp. 351-370.

Myosin 3A transgene expression produces abnormal actin filament bundles in transgenic Xenopus laevis rod photoreceptors. J. Lin-Jones, E. Parker, M. Wu, A. Dose, and B. Burnside (2004) J. Cell. Sci. 117:5825-5834.


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