Conference Team



Michael Ly
Glaunsinger Lab
4th Year

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the multicultural city that has sweltering summers and brutally cold winters. I moved to Berkeley and started graduate school in 2017 where I now study virus-host interactions. I’m passionate about identity, cross-racial solidarity, intersectionality, political empowerment, and radical transformation :)

Madeline Arnold
Saijo Lab
4th Year
Hello! My name is Madeline and I grew up in the country outside a small town in Wisconsin, where I developed my love of fresh vegetables and summer thunderstorms. I am interested in how molecular biology and immunology impact brain development and behavior, with a focus on sex differences. I love teaching, mentoring, and talking about science and culture! I am committed to making science, academia, and our society more equitable, and I’m particularly interested in how race, disability, and LGBTQIA+ identities intersect with science.

Michelle Kyle

Hannah Bloom

Carina Galicia