Assessment Team

Michael Ly
Glaunsinger Lab
4th Year

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the multicultural city that has sweltering summers and brutally cold winters. I moved to Berkeley and started graduate school in 2017 where I now study virus-host interactions. I’m passionate about identity, cross-racial solidarity, intersectionality, political empowerment, and radical transformation :)

Hannah Weaver
Ginsberg Lab
4th Year

I was born and raised in Whitefish, MT aka Big Sky country where you can find 2.5x as many cows as people. I’m a 4th year graduate student in physics studying energy dynamics in materials with fancy microscopes. I’m passionate about dismantling racism in academia and in society through action and dialogue.

Mark Stepaniak
Miller Lab
6th year

I grew up in the midwest and before coming to Berkeley I taught high school biology. I’m a 6th year in the Miller lab, studying fish teeth development through the lens of natural genetic variation. Through my time in K-12 education, both teaching and as a volunteer, I’ve become interested in the access of quality science education as influenced by socioeconomic and racial factors.

Madeline Arnold
Saijo Lab
4th Year

Hello! My name is Madeline and I grew up in the country outside a small town in Wisconsin, where I developed my love of fresh vegetables and summer thunderstorms. I am interested in how molecular biology and immunology impact brain development and behavior, with a focus on sex differences. I love teaching, mentoring, and talking about science and culture! I am committed to making science, academia, and our society more equitable, and I’m particularly interested in how race, disability, and LGBTQIA+ identities intersect with science.