Many students receive extramural fellowships as well as University fellowships.  Most fellowships are administered by the Graduate Division Fellowships Office (318 Sproul Hall, 642-0672.  Award letters are sent to recipients direct from the Fellowhips office with a copy to the department.  Please bring to the attention of the GAO staff any awards received by other agencies. 

Many of our students quailify for National Science Foundation (NSF) fellowships.  Each Fall semester eligible students will receive notice from the GAO regarding deadlines and campus workshops relating to NSF applications. 

Other Fellowships received by our students include those from other Federal Agencies such as DOD and DOE as well as private funding from agencies such as the March of Dimes, American Heart Association and other such groups.

You are encouraged to seek out fellowships in support of your graduate research.  Two great sources to check are the campus' Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) http://www.spo.berkeley.edu/ and Science magazines GrantsNet http://www.grantsnet.org