GSI Appointment Application Fall 2022 & Spring 2023

Welcome to the online application for GSI appointments in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB). MCB assigns GSIs in late spring for the subsequent academic year (fall and spring). 

Application Deadline: April 4, 2022
Assignments Made By: May 13, 2022

This timeline is for the first round of GSI assignments. We continue to review applications submitted after these dates based on changes to course and GSI needs. 

For a list of courses for which we will be hiring GSIs please see Projected GSI Needs for 2022-2023 (PDF). Note that the number of GSIs listed for a course may change based on enrollments. Such changes may result in a change in your appointment to another course. To find course descriptions please see Undergrad Courses.

If offered a GSI position, you must meet all eligibility requirements and complete all of the requirements listed below. You must also be available to attend all lectures and lab/discussion sections for your assigned course, hold office hours as required, and be present through the grading of final exams. We request 30 days notice (at minimum) if you will not be able to fulfill your assignment so that we can make other arrangements to cover the course duties. Many laboratory courses, including but not limited to Bio 1AL, require the use and dissection of animal subjects purchased for the purpose of instruction. You must be willing and able to perform all duties of the position. The MCB GSI teaching policy can be found here (PDF).

Fall appointments start on August 1st and end on December 31st. Spring appointments start on January 1st and end on May 31st. GSIs are monthly exempt employees and receive a fixed monthly salary for five months. Monthly salaries are paid on the first for the prior month’s effort. GSI salaries are based on the student's GSI Step level which equate with post-baccalaureate teaching experience. Information about GSI step levels and salary scales can be found here.

All GSI appointments are 50% appointments that include partial fee remission. (GSI appointments do not include fee remission for any non-resident tuition). Additional information about fee remissions can be found here.

GSI Requirements

Students are responsible for following all requirements of the Graduate Division and MCB Department relating to GSI appointments.

Requirements for all First-Time ASEs

  • All first-time appointed Academic Student Employees or ASEs (GSI, AI-GS, Reader and Tutor) must attend the New ASE Orientation sponsored by the UCB Labor Relations Office.

Requirements for First-Time GSIs

  • Complete the online ethics course prior to interacting with students in a GSI capacity.
  • Attend the First-Time GSI Teaching & Resource Center Conference (typically held the week before instruction begins each semester).
  • Either have completed or be enrolled in a pedagogy course; typically listed as 375 or 380. The MCB Department offers MCB 375 in fall semesters only. MCB GSIs are required to enroll in MCB 375 in the fall semester regardless of whether they are teaching in the fall or spring unless they have already satisfied this requirement. 

Requirements for First-Time International GSIs

  • All first-time International GSIs must also satisfy the requirements of the English Language Proficiency Program before being appointed as a GSI. Please review the information at the link to determine what you need to satisfy this requirement. 

COVID Compliance Requirements (subject to change)

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If you have additional questions or need to make changes once you submit this form, please contact Carina Galicia in the MCB Graduate Affairs Office.


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