Financial Support

We provide five and a half years of financial support to all students (including international students) maintaining satisfactory academic progress. With the approval of the dissertation committee, this support can be extended for an additional semester (the end of the sixth year).

The Department provides a competitive stipend and coverage of all fees and non-resident tuition. This support is funded by Federal, State, and private sources in the form of Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) appointments; fellowships; and NIH traineeships. In addition, the University maintains several short-term loan funds to assist students who experience unusual financial difficulties, and the Department also provides travel grants to assist students who are presenting their research at a conference.

Below you will find more detailed information about specific funding sources.

Training Grants - Each year entering and current tudents are selected and invited to accept NIH traineeships

Fellowships - Many students are competative for university and extramural fellowships

Travel Grants - Funding sources for attending professional conferences

GSI Appointments - Information and Application for GSI appointment in MCB courses