Professional Development

Our program leverages the experience of our career advisor and faculty, as well as departmental and campus resources, to ensure that our graduates are well-equipped to succeed in their careers. Our program prioritizes our students' professional development and offers a range of opportunities for students to prepare for their future careers.


In the Fall, students take a writing and professional development course that will teach how to navigate and critically analyze scientific literature and effectively communicate scientific findings. Importantly, this course is set up to help students polish up their resumés, craft compelling cover letters, and practice for interviews. Students also take a course that introduces them to the field of biotechnology, touching upon its scientific and societal impacts and delving into the career paths within the biopharmaceutical industry.

Career Advising

Our program offers workshops and one-on-one career advising to help our students plan and prepare for their future careers in the biomedical field. In our career workshops, students receive guidance on preparing for their internship applications and the interview process, while also learning to set up their LinkedIn profiles and work on their resumés. Students also have the opportunity to set up one-on-one advising appointments to help set them up for success after graduation.

Campus and Departmental Resources

UC Berkeley Career Center

UC Berkeley Grad Division Professional Development Guide

UC Berkeley Grad Division (GradPro)

MCB Career Development Resources

QB3 Career Development Resources