Internship Program

Photo credit: Keegan Houser

Internship Program Overview

Our program's signature component, a 3-4 month internship, takes place each Spring semester and presents an opportunity for students to gain highly desired, hands-on research experience. The internship can take place at a local biotech company or in a campus lab, allowing students to tailor their internship experience based on their long-term career goals. We want our students to be able to make the most of our internship program, so we designed a placement and selection process that ensures each student is placed at a local biotech company or campus lab that fits their scientific interests and career aspirations.

During their internship, students are expected to perform full-time research under the supervision of their internship mentor. Students will work closely with both their internship mentor and faculty advisor in order to develop their capstone project.

Capstone Project

Each student's capstone project is influenced and informed by their practical lab work, course work, and internship project. Students will devise a capstone project proposal in consultation with the internship program advisor, their faculty mentor, and internship mentor. The actual capstone work is the communication of the independent research project that each student has been working on during their internship. Students will write up a formal report and present their capstone project at a one-day research symposium to be assessed by a committee comprised of two faculty advisors.