Career Connections

MCB Alumni Connections
By Kirsten Mickelwait

PhD Grads 2016

You’ve worked hard to earn your PhD degree, and look forward to a brilliant profession out in the “real world.” But launching that career may take a whole different set of skills and connections than those you developed in the lab. How to make that leap?

The MCB Graduate Student and Alumni Association (MCBGSAA) was created in 2015 by Thomas Burke and Christina Glazier, two graduating MCB students who realized that few structured opportunities existed for MCB students to meet and learn from alumni. Its goal is to foster and support relationships between current MCB graduate students, alumni, and the department. The group organizes events — from networking meet-ups to lectures — to promote career exploration and professional development. Professor Matt Welch, also an MCB alumnus, is the group’s faculty adviser.

“We've only had one year of events so far, but alumni have been very generous with their time,” says Student Co-President Diya Das. “I've become aware of just how many opportunities exist for MCB graduates, and I've also been one of many students who have met an alum for coffee after meeting at an MCBGSAA social.”

Student Co-President Emily Lingeman agrees. “Personally, I've made some great connections in my field of interest,” she says. “Many of my classmates have heard about professional directions they didn't know existed, but are now actively researching those careers.”

Attend one of MCBGSAA’s upcoming networking events! Visit the MCB GSAA website or email them now.

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