New Molecular Therapeutics undergrad emphasis

MTx emphasis graphicMCB's newest division, Molecular Therapeutics (MTx), has officially launched and undergraduates now have the option to pursue this new major emphasis with classes starting this Fall 2023. Students can learn more about the course requirements and the two track options in Molecular Therapeutics or Therapeutics and Disease here

Molecular Therapeutics (MTx) pursues research that provides an understanding of biochemical and cellular mechanisms that are affected in disease and can be exploited for the development of new therapeutic modalities. This includes research into mechanisms of gene editing and genome engineering; neural development; gene expression; redox signaling; protein folding and degradation; cell growth and survival signaling; or host viral interactions. Faculty in MTX develop new diagnostic, delivery, and therapeutic approaches to detect and target a range of diseases, including sickle cell disease, retinal diseases, neural disease, or cancer. These problems are being investigated using biochemical, structural, and cellular approaches, including stem cell and organoid models.