Class Notes

Margaux Bennett (PhD 2014) is a director of Corporate Development at ACADIA Pharmaceuticals where she primarily works on sourcing and evaluating neuroscience assets as potential in-licensing opportunities. Lynn Caporale (PhD 1973) organized and chaired a session at the 2019 AAAS meeting entitled “Historic Contributions to STEM of Families of Refugees and Immigrants to the US”, with a focus on the “wretched refuse” immigrants.
Diya Das (PhD 2018) is a member of the data management team in the Development Sciences Informatics department at Genentech, which manages scientific data to enable early-stage pharmaceutical drug development. Carmen Domingo (PhD 1995) is the dean of the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University. She is also currently co-PI of a NSF IT Catalyst grant examining the role of service and its impact on promotion and retention of women faculty in the sciences and social sciences.
Anjali Gupta (BA 1995) works in business development for Axiom Space, a space startup that is building the first commercial space station in low Earth orbit, to enable access to the microgravity platform for life science innovations. Adam Harvey (BA 2008) has worked in an R&D role for multiple biotech startups in the cell therapy and cancer diagnostic space. He is currently leading next-generation sequencing assay development for a small liquid biopsy diagnostic company in San Francisco.
• James Huang (BA 2009) is a director at Snow Lake Capital, an investment management firm in Hong Kong.  Wendy Ingram (PhD 2015) is finishing a postdoc fellowship in Psychiatric Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in the Department of Mental Health.
Lilian Chiang Lee (BA 2004) is a clinical research manager at Medtronic Vascular, a medical device company. • Chris Lew (BA 2016) is a senior associate at DeciBio Consulting, where he leverages his scientific background to help biotech companies analyze new opportunities and develop strategies to solve their toughest problems.
Robert Lim (BA 2009) is a full-stack engineer at Superconductive Health, an AI-enabled data integration firm. Nidhi Navaratna (BA 2019) is currently working as a staff researcher in the Department of Pediatric Rheumatology at UCSF, studying how epigenetic factors maintain immune tolerance. She is also involved in the SF community through volunteering at a music academy for children, as well as an elderly care center.
Tuan Samdin (BA 2016) is a PhD candidate at UC Irvine (Nowick lab) where he studies the biophysical and biological properties of the beta-amyloid peptide in Alzheimer’s disease.  


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