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MCB Community Steps Up to Create Endowed Fellowship

By Gail Kurtz

Berkeley’s Molecular & Cell Biology community has just done something unique and quite extraordinary. To ensure that we can provide stellar graduate student support in an era when NIH and other long-term government funding is shrinking, the department is rallying its own community so that it can continue doing what it does best: basic science. At Berkeley, we’re renowned for basic discovery, and much of this research is conducted by graduate students; as such, they are essential to our mission. In fact, our department values their work so much that — with Nobel laureate Randy Schekman and his esteemed colleagues, students, family, and friends — we’ve created an endowment: The Nancy Walls and Randy Schekman Fellowship.

2018 MCB Graduates
2018 MCB Graduating Class

To date, we’ve raised $1 million for the fellowship, which will support one graduate student each year. And with more gifts, we can support additional students. We hope you’ll consider joining in this powerful effort to keep scientific discovery strong and secure at Berkeley. With your gift, Berkeley’s researchers and students will continue making crucial and truly beneficial scientific breakthroughs.

Faculty, staff and alumni donors:
  • Michael Botchan
  • Ruth Botchan
  • Jamie Cate
  • Thomas Cline
  • Ray Deshaies
  • Jennifer Doudna
  • Richard Harland
  • Holly Ingraham
  • David Julius
  • Doug Koshland
  • Susan Marqusee
  • Gail Martin
  • Steve Martin
  • Barbara Meyer
  • Carol Mimura
  • Nipam Patel
  • Alan Sachs
  • Randy Schekman
  • Lauren Schekman Storz
  • Linda Silveira
  • Colin Storz
  • Kirsten Swan
  • Jeremy Thorner
  • (3) Anonymous

You can help support current and future graduate students by giving to The Nancy Walls and Randy Schekman Fellowship.