Fall 2017 Class Notes

Class Notes

Danielle Jorgens
Danielle Jorgens (PhD 2013) is the new director for the Electron Microscope Laboratory (EML). She brings her experience in cutting-edge electron microscopy techniques to UC Berkeley with the aim of modernizing and expanding the EML. As director, Jorgens will continue to focus her own research on the ultrastructure of cancer and normal cells with particular interest in the nucleus. In addition, she looks forward to complementing the current suite of microscopes at the EML by bringing in novel techniques and cutting-edge instrumentation.

Jeremy Ahouse (BA 1985) is the vice president of alliances at Merus, a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company developing innovative bispecific antibody therapeutics to treat and cure cancer patients.

Gideon Bollag (PhD 1989) is the CEO at Plexxikon, a structure guided drug discovery and development organization in Berkeley.

Yanna Bouris (BA 1995) is a partner and intellectual property attorney at Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP.

Alisa Boyko (BA 2015) is a PhD student at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Daniel Campbell (PhD 1998) is a principle investigator at the Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle, WA, and an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Immunology, University of Washington School of Medicine.

Cameron Exner (PhD 2017) is a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF studying autism and Tourette disorder risk genes to understand their role in vertebrate brain development.

Ann Marie Faust (PhD 2011) is an investigator III in synthetic biology at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in Cambridge, MA.

Rachel Hood (PhD 2017) is an associate medical writer at ApotheCom, a medical communications agency in San Francisco.

Anurag Jindal (BA 1997) is a managing director of healthcare investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Gordon McCarter (PhD 1996) is an associate professor of biological sciences and assistant dean for Pharmacy Student Services at Touro University California College of Pharmacy in Vallejo, CA.

Brian Peter (PhD 2000) is a scientist in Agilent Laboratories in Santa Clara, CA, where he works on cancer diagnostics and tools for measuring genome alterations.

Rebecca Pferdehirt (PhD 2011) is a senior manager in business development at Amgen where she focuses on external R&D technology licensing and business development.

Darmood “David” Wei (BA 2008) is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute, where he works on identifying novel treatments for a subset of renal cell carcinomas with mutations in epigenetic genes.

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