Class Notes Spring 2017

Class Notes

Joanne Adamkewicz (PhD 1999) is a Biomarker Scientist at Genentech, where she focuses on understanding disease biology and developing new medicines in hematology.

Kevin Berlin (BA 2011) is a Privacy Engineer at Google, where he has been working for the past six years.

Kristina Byers (BA 2015) is currently working in pharmaceuticals and was recently accepted into medical school.

Laura Corral (PhD 1997) co-founded Freya Bioscience, Inc., a company focused on improving women's health care, and is currently working to develop a diagnostic test for early-stage ovarian cancer.

Michael Espino (BA 2015) is matriculating into an MD/PhD program this summer at either UCLA or Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Chris Lew (BA 2016) works at a biotech strategy consulting firm, DeciBio Consulting, in Santa Monica.

John Maa (BA 1990) is a General Surgeon at Dignity Health in San Francisco and Chair of the Tobacco Related Disease Research Program at the UC Office of the President.

Joanna Maltbaek (BA 2014) is currently a PhD student in Immunology at the University of Washington.

Jakob Von Moltke (PhD 2012) is a new Assistant Professor of Immunology at the University of Washington.

Babak Razani (BA 1996) is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pathology/Immunology at Washington University where he researches atherosclerosis, obesity, and diabetes and sees cardiology patients in the clinical setting.

Jeremy Rock (BA 2004) will be starting his own lab next year as an Assistant Professor at Rockefeller University in NYC.

Umeet Sajjan (BA 2016) is a Litigation Paralegal at Computer- Law Group LLP.

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