MCB welcomes new faculty Molly Ohainle

Molly Ohainle outside Weill HallMCB is pleased to welcome Molly Ohainle as a new Assistant Professor in the Immunology and Pathogenesis Division starting July 1, 2022. 

Ohainle received her Ph.D. in MCB from the University of Washington (co-mentored by Michael Emerman and Harmit Malik) and completed a postdoc with Eva Harris (UC Berkeley School of Public Health). She is currently a Senior Staff Scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Michael Emerman’s lab where she's developed a new approach to HIV CRISPR knockout screens.

Her work focuses on how cells resist viral infection and how viruses evade these responses. The lab aims to understand the molecular interactions that form the basis for these battles across evolutionary time. Through functional genomics, biochemistry and cell biology they are trying to understand how these wars are waged by both virus and host.

To learn more, visit Dr. Ohainle's website ( or follow her on Twitter @MollyOhainle