MCB Welcomes New Faculty James Nuñez


We are thrilled to welcome (back) James Nuñez to MCB! This July, Nuñez will join the MCB Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology division as an Assistant Professor. 

Nuñez is a Doudna lab alum and is currently a postdoc in Jonathan Weissman's lab at UCSF, where he developed CRISPR-based technologies for editing the human epigenome.

These tools enable controlled changes in transcriptional states that are inherited through many cell divisions and cellular differentiation without altering the DNA sequence, thereby programming an 'epigenetic memory' of gene expression.

His research group will combine genome-wide CRISPR screens, cell biology, and biochemistry to understand how epigenetic memory and inheritance are established and maintained in mammalian cells, as well as engineer new technologies for perturbing the human epigenome and rewiring gene expression programs.

To learn more, follow Dr. Nuñez on Twitter @jamesknunez