MCB Promotes an Inclusive Culture in Our Community

This semester MCB faculty, staff, and students have been working on an equity and inclusion grant we received from the PATH to Care Center on campus. Our goal is to raise awareness about positive social norms and promote an inclusive culture in biology. We collected true stories about positive social norms from the UCB biology community and created anonymized cartoon posters of the stories. The 11"x17" posters have been put up around campus, concentrated in areas where the biology community frequents.

Check them out!
Click on each poster to see the full-size version.

Junyi Wu, who is graduating in May, created all of the original cartoon artwork for the posters.

Cat Adams (PMB Grad Student), Yesenia Lopez (MCB undergrad), Christina Love (MCB undergrad), Leandra Padayachee (CNR undergrad), and Junyi Wu worked on the posters content and design.