Glaeser Awarded E.A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Robert Glaeser on being awarded the 2019–20 Edward A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship!

This annual University of California award recognizes teaching, research, and public service. Glaeser's early research at Berkeley provided much of the foundation for the use of electron microscopy in studies of biological macromolecular structure. His demonstration of the preservation of high-resolution structural detail when protein samples are frozen was the groundbreaking point in the creation of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).

Glaeser is an international reference point for the physical and technical understanding of electron diffraction and imaging, as well as for his knowledge concerning biological radiation damage. Over the course of his career, he has mentored students and postdocs that have gone on to become leaders in the cryo-EM field. He continues to mentor at Berkeley and his mentees rely on his masterful knowledge of every aspect of cryo-EM.

Learn more about the E.A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship here.

Photo credit: Roy Kaltschmidt