Berta Parra retires after 37 years at UC Berkeley & MCB

Berta Parra

MCB would like to thank Graduate Student Services Advisor Berta Parra for her 37 years of service to UC Berkeley! Berta worked in the Psychology Department and the Haas School of Business before joining MCB in 1993.

Since moving to the MCB graduate advising office 26 years ago, Berta has been a pillar in the community. Throughout her career in MCB, she had the opportunity to watch graduate students like Jacob Corn, Andy Dillin, and Russell Vance progress through their own careers from graduate students to MCB faculty.

Her passion for helping hundreds of graduate students navigate their PhD programs was clear to everyone with whom she worked. “I stayed in MCB for so long because it’s such a special place,” she said during her retirement party on May 22.

Thank you, Berta, for your excellent service to this department and campus!

Parra parra-ty
Members of the MCB community attending Berta's retirement celebration on May 22.