Department News

Below are articles from various sources about members of MCB and their research.

Title Date
King Receives Honorary Doctor of Science from Lehigh University 03/24/15
Doudna and Other Scientists Seek Worldwide Moratorium on Human Genome Editing 03/20/15
Doudna Honored with Martin Meyerson Faculty Research Lecture 03/19/15
Feldman Receives the Distinguished Teaching Award 03/17/15
A. Martin Targets Cancer’s Disposal System 03/10/15
Doudna Discusses the CRISPR Way to Fix Genes 03/04/15
Metabolic Path to Improved Biofuel Production 03/04/15
Goodman Returns as Adjunct Professor of the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute 03/04/15
2015 CDB Symposium 03/03/15
Unlocking the Key to Immunological Memory 03/03/15
Bateup and Lishko Receive Sloan Fellowships 02/24/15
Schaffer Receives QB3 "Bridging the Gap" Award 02/10/15
Launch of Innovative Genomics Initiative 02/09/15
Weisblat Receives the Leon A. Henkin Citation 02/04/15
Nogales Receives the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award 01/28/15
Schekman Capstone Seminar Video Available 01/27/15
Ingolia and Ünal Receive Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award 01/23/15
Zoncu Profile by Pew 12/19/14
Patel Featured on KQED Science 12/18/14
Doudna Named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors 12/16/14
Isacoff and Flannery Research on Restoring Vision 12/09/14
Fall 2014 MCB Transcript Newsletter 11/26/14
Bautista Receives Young Investigator Award 11/17/14
Doudna Wins 2015 Breakthrough Prize 11/10/14
Oster Receives Sackler Prize 10/28/14
Schekman Named to Institute of Medicine 10/21/14
Dillin Research in the News 10/17/14
Dillin to Lead New Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center 10/10/14
Klinman Receives National Medal of Science 10/09/14
Ingolia and Zoncu Receive NIH Innovator Awards 10/06/14