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Our online order form is a ridiculously easy way to purchase just about any item you need! Here's how it works:

1. Figure out what you items you want. Try our vendors' websites, and search our inventory. Or find them somewhere else. If you can find it anywhere, we can order it.

2. Fill out the order form.

3. Press 'place order'. When your items arrive, we'll call or email you. You can then pick up your items at your convenience. It's that easy!

Some benefits of ordering through the LSA Storeroom:

-We are quick! Most orders arrive withing 24 hours of us ordering them.

-We are cheap! We get UC contract pricing or better, and there is no extra charge for special ordering.

-We pay no shipping through our regular vendors. Avoid costly freight and dry-ice charges by ordering through us!

Some things to remember:

-By using this online order form, you are authorizing us to order the items you've requested and charge your account for the cost of the items, plus our 14% operational mark-up. If you need to verify pricing, please call us at 2-1095 before submitting your order.

-We cannot and do not guarantee the availability or price of any item. If there happens to be some sort of problem with an item you are trying to order, we will make sure to contact you.

-You must have a valid Customer ID to place orders with us. If you're not sure whether you have one, please call us at 3-8998. If you're sure you don't have one, please fill out our Customer Application and we'll get you set up with one!

-Feel free to contact us via phone (3-8998), email (Protected from spambots!), or in person (171 LSA). Thanks!

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The following items are in stock now:

Item IDDescriptionVendorVendor Item IDPriceLocationAvailable
L268Liquid concentrate, Count-Off,1 gallonPerkin Elmer6NE942769.82M-222
A1900Western lighting 340mlPerkin ElmerNEL104001EA223.68J-41
A189Western lighting chemiluminescence, ECL plus, 130mPerkin ElmerNEL103001EA166.60J-12

The following items have been ordered in the past:

Item IDDescriptionVendorVendor Item IDPriceLocationAvailable
per-nel55501DNP-11-UTPPerkin ElmerNEL555001EA

Special order only

L3071Nylon membranePerkin ElmerNEF-978X

Special order only

pe704TSA Cyanine 3 Tyramide Reagent_Perkin ElmerSAT704A

Special order only

per-745001TSA Plus Cyanine 5 SystemPerkin ElmerNEL745001KT

Special order only

per741001TSA Plus Fluorescein SystemPerkin ElmerNEL741001KT

Special order only

per-fp1020TSA Blocking Reagent (3 g)Perkin ElmerFP1020

Special order only

nel744001kttsa cyaninePerkin Elmernel744001kt

Special order only

nel741001kttsa fluoresceinPerkin Elmernel741001kt

Special order only

per-744001ktTyramid signal amplificationPerkin Elmer744001kt

Special order only

NEN-6013301Ultima Gold AB, 1x1LPerkin Elmer6013301

Special order only

Even if the item you are looking for is not on this list, we can probably still order it for you. Contact us: