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Our online order form is a ridiculously easy way to purchase just about any item you need! Here's how it works:

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The following items are in stock now:

Item IDDescriptionVendorVendor Item IDPriceLocationAvailable
L3018Film, hyblot CL, 8x10Denville ScientificE301885.99B-50
L3218Film, hyblot, high sensitivity, 8X10Denville ScientificE321892.04B-190
P428PCR Purification & Gel Extraction Columns w/ Collection Tubes (50)Denville ScientificCM-500-5028.55C-141
P418Plasmid Miniprep Columns w/ Collection Tubes (50)Denville ScientificCM-400-5025.08C-141
P180Tube /w tether, .5ml, conical-bottomDenville ScientificC-19050-S13.10P-414
P1800Tube /w tether, .5ml, flat-bottom, free standingDenville Scientificc19052-s14.33P-417
P7028TUBE MICRO .6ml Posi-click asst.Denville ScientificC-217736.76P-310
P7027TUBE MICRO .6ml Posi-click naturalDenville ScientificC-217634.08P-312
P7025TUBE MICRO 1.7ml posi-click asst.Denville ScientificC-217115.79P-3130
P7024TUBE MICRO 1.7ml posi-click naturalDenville ScientificC-217012.58P-3111
P7026TUBE MICRO 1.7ml presteriliz nat.Denville ScientificC-217210.90P-366
P183TUBE/TETHER 1.5ml conDenville ScientificC-19040-S13.00P-410

The following items have been ordered in the past:

Item IDDescriptionVendorVendor Item IDPriceLocationAvailable
den-p1123Filter tips 1000ulDenville ScientificP1123

Special order only

P9042Pipet tips, 1000ul, BarrierDenville ScientificP-1123

Special order only

P9044Pipet tips, 200ul, BarrierDenville ScientificP-1122

Special order only

P9040Pipet tips, 20ul, BarrierDenville ScientificP-1121

Special order only

den-a2935Pipette RackDenville ScientificA2935

Special order only

den-m0714Round cover glass, #1.5 thickness, 18 mmDenville ScientificM0714

Special order only

den2109hrTip Transfer System, Empty hinged rackDenville ScientificP2109-HR

Special order only

den2104Tip Transfer System, preloaded carriers, with rackDenville ScientificP2104

Special order only

P155Vial, snap-twist, 20mlDenville ScientificP16

Special order only

den2109Woodpecker Reloads Tip Transfer SystemDenville ScientificP2109

Special order only

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