Industrial Affiliates Program Benefits

Christina Glazier
PhD alumna in Professor Abby Dernburg's Lab.
Photo credit: Mark Joseph Hanson.

Invest in a strong partnership with our department by becoming an IAP member through one of our valuable sponsorship opportunities. 

Recruitment Sponsorship: $10,000

Recruit students and postdocs from a top-ranked department

  • Participate in two on-campus recruiting events annually (industry informational symposium and industry networking event; space for interviews)
  • Job, internship and event announcements sent to students and postdocs
  • CV/resume bank of undergraduates, PhD graduate students and postdocs accessible only to members 

Engagement Sponsorship: $25,000

Recruitment sponsorship benefits (listed above) plus exposure to cutting edge research

Jennifer Doudna
Professor Jennifer Doudna, inventor of the
CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing system in her lab.
Photo credit: Cailey Cotner.
  • Individualized recruiting event for targeted outreach
  • Invitation to annual divisional retreat
  • Departmental seminar announcements
  • Visit labs as guest to observe innovative research and learn powerful new methods

Fellowship Sponsor: $65,000

Named fellowship to support one PhD graduate student for one year (tuition, fees and stipend)

  • Membership in Industrial Affiliates Program and all benefits of recruitment and engagement sponsorships included

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Immunotherapy Symposium 2016

Join us at the next symposium on campus! From left to right:
Professors Ed Penhoet, G. Steven Martin, Jim Allison, and David Raulet.
Photo credit: Peg Skorpinski.

Program Manager:
Tanya Sullivan

MCB Department Chairs:
David Drubin & Nipam Patel


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