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Our online order form is a ridiculously easy way to purchase just about any item you need! Here's how it works:

1. Figure out what you items you want. Try our vendors' websites, and search our inventory. Or find them somewhere else. If you can find it anywhere, we can order it.

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The following items are in stock now:

Item IDDescriptionVendorVendor Item IDPriceLocationAvailable
4-0060Bag, garbage large 40x46 in.,_blackPHS7030840.29J-2078
4-0071Bag, garbage large 40x48 in.clear, pk/25PHS7045402.80J-2071
4-0065Bag, garbage small 24x23", blackPHS7000450.09J-20357
4-0021Bag, non-medical waste, 24x33", autoclavable pk/20PHSSEE-4-002213.51J-168
4-0022Bag, non-medical waste, 24x33in., autoclavable, box/200PHSVLL8504128.15K-2353
3-0150Battery, alkaline, AA, EACHPHS7912200.31FRONT268
3-0126Battery, alkaline, AAA, EACHPHS7912210.30FRONT233
3-0135Battery, alkaline, C, EACHPHS7912190.58FRONT21
3-0140Battery, alkaline, D, EACHPHS7912180.90FRONT4
3-0160Battery, Transistor, 9 voltPHS7912221.11FRONT18
4-0295Bottle, spray trigger, 964mL,_32oz.PHS8908701.58L-1451
3-1555Bucket, rubber, grey 10 qtPHS2970126.82I,J1
3-0897Cleaner, 409 SPRAY 32 ozPHS1707543.48J-103
3-0895Cleaner, glass, Windex 32 ozPHS9501604.89J-104
3-0890Cleanser, powdered, Ajax or CometPHS8702962.68J-110
3-0964Dishwashing liquid soap, Dawn,38 ozPHS530584SA5.43J-117
3-3131Door stopPHS6300070.69G-123
3-3132Door stop, largePHS6300034.17G-123
3-1369Dust mask, pk/50PHS7906305.23B-025
4-0431Funnel, 60mm, polyprop., pk/12PHS8902003.79L-2213
3-1150Glasses, saftey/protection, plasticPHS7993026.59B-033
3-1261Goggles, chemical splash guardPHS7913502.36B-032
3-0915Hydrogen peroxide wipes pk/155, EH&S approvedPHSclo308256.68J-1013
3-1285Kimwipes, cleaning tissue lg 15 x 17 inPHS4401254.14J-055
3-1289Kimwipes, cleaning tissue small, csPHS3415593.32J-011
3-1371Masks, surgical, 50pkPHS7906106.31B-037
3-0118Mop, roller spongePHS65128121.49I,J1
3-4141Organic castile liquid soap, 8oz., Dr. Bronner'sPHS3884934.67J-093
3-1706pH strips/paper, 0-14, pk/100Fisher Scientific09-876-1718.16I-152
3-1702pH strips/paper, 2-9, pk/100VWRJT4393-122.05I-153
3-1703pH strips/paper, 5-10, pk/100VWRJT4395-119.43I-154
3-1707pH strips/paper, 6-7.7, pk/100VWRJT4396-125.92I-153
3-1704pH strips/paper, 7.5-14, pk/100Millipore/SigmaP4411-100EA21.68I-152
3-0116Recycling container, blue 7 gallonPHS7301364.89I,J2
3-2124Scour pads, pk/3PHS3504940.58J-083
3-4140Soap, softsoap with aloe, galPHS389570SA12.95J-115
3-2125Sponge, scrubbing, largePHS3504740.86J-083
3-0057Swiffer dry cloth refill pk/32PHS6508618.22J-175
3-0303Swiffer wet cloth refill pk/32PHS2000034.43J-173
3-1305Tissue, KleenexPHS8515001.46J-0368
3-3170Towels, paper single fold, cs/16pkPHS0170034.98A-0217
3-3179Towels,paper,single fold, recycle, pkPHS8500241.45J-0531
3-3445WD-40, 12 oz, lubricantPHS4104115.65I-1713
3-0909Wipes, Lysol, Surface, 75 wipesPHS1707155.63J-106

The following items have been ordered in the past:

Item IDDescriptionVendorVendor Item IDPriceLocationAvailable
4-1599Container, plastic, 13.5quarts/12.78LitersPHSAlready on 4-1609

Special order only

5-0938ID holder, retractible reel badge belt clipPHS630032

Special order only

amaB00S730YWGLitmus pH strips, (pH 1-14), 2packs of 100amazon.comB00S730YWG

Special order only

cosphSiO2MS-1.8 8umMonodisperse Silica Microspheres 1.8g/cc d50=7.8umCOSPHERICSiO2MS-1.8 8um

Special order only

3-1701pH strips/paper, 4-7, pk/100Fisher Scientificm95823

Special order only

3-1048Swiffer sweeper/mopPHS650868

Special order only

Even if the item you are looking for is not on this list, we can probably still order it for you. Contact us: